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Closing "Defcon 19 Planning Forum" soon...

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  • Closing "Defcon 19 Planning Forum" soon...

    I will be closing the [forum=536]Defcon 19 Planning[/forum] soon. Current plan is to close it 14 days after the most recent post.

    Right now, this would be 14 days after "08-08-2011 08:11 PM" or August 22, 2011.

    Are there any threads in there that you want to see moved or copied forward to this forum (Defcon 19 and Beyond) before I close out the planning forum?

    Please let me know by replying here.

    Once the planning forum is closed, no changes/additions can be made to the planning forums by anyone except mods/admins. This forum (not the planning forum, but the "Defcon 19 and beyond" forum will remain open for several months.)

    I will still be able to copy threads from there to here after it is closed.