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Anyone out there mess with Apple Newtons?

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  • Anyone out there mess with Apple Newtons?

    Just looking for some people who have modded newtons. ANYONE who's found a DECENT Java machine for it, (not waba, it isn't beefy enough) OR a network sniffer please let me know.

    if you'll excuse me I'll go back to installing my new serial port... Trying to decide if audio out is worth modding on to this.. I'm guessing no, that's why we have iPods....

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    Take a memo:
    Beat up Martin
    Eat up Martha



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      this post is not ment as aplace for you to add to your total postings... I'm hoping for some help, not random babble....


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        1. I do not need more posts.
        2. That was not random babble.
        3. Have you ever watched "The Simpsons"?
        4. Someone else will probably post a link to the video clip.
        5. Like I said before...I dont need more posts. (Check my user title)



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          your first and last points were a little redundant there, don't you think?

          ok I'll rephrase, it wasn't random babble, but it sure wasn't helpful babble.. yes, you're an administrator..

          so, as an administrator, know any thing about apple newtons? I could use some help here.


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              Since you have a newton, you'll probably have quicktime installed.

              That might clear things up for you. If not, let me know and I'll find another copy.

              About Newtons...well, uhm, not many people use them anymore. They were discontinued quite a while ago.

              A good friend of mine, Freaky, knows quite a bit about Mac Security (and general mac stuff).
              He runs quite a few sites, including and
              I would advise checking those sites.

              That useful enough for you?


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                very, that should point me the right way, thanks for the help nulltone ^_^


                of course they're a little old and discontinued...

                I set up my friend Ipaq for wifi scanning and he said it wasn't good enough...

                so I babtized it in the glory of linux for him and set it up again for WiFi scanning... he was pleased...

                but unlike him I don't have 500 buxx to spend on one of them.. and the newton seemed like a fun project *shrug*


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                  Originally posted by 0ptik0n
                  yes, you're an administrator..
                  Note: THE Administrator.


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                    ahhh the head honcho...

                    maybe you know then, was this board down yesterday? or was our firewall just being retarted ?


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                      he is the all mighty root of the forum, the master of masters, the best of the best. He strikes fear in the lame, and hope into the 1337. he is the master of asain chics ;) and of SE. He Is Nulltone


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                        Originally posted by 0ptik0n
                        ahhh the head honcho...

                        maybe you know then, was this board down yesterday? or was our firewall just being retarted ?
                        The server was having some DNS problems.
                        If it ever happens again (I doubt it), you can reach the forum at a backup URL:


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                          cool, thanx.


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                            Nulltone was up over 30,000 posts at one point, but out of his benevolance decided to give blackwave and astcell a chance at the title.

                            Problems were DNS.. thought they were mine at first, but I guess it was something on the other end... the willhaven url worked fine
                            if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                              Yeah, I am too lazy to manually go into the database and do that again =)