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I had a weird Defcon 20 dream...

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  • I had a weird Defcon 20 dream...

    I had the most peculiar dream last night.

    I dreamt that #defcon20 was being held in Worthing (South Coast UK), and the Defcon Goons were all there, sipping tea and sitting on chairs in the cricket pavillion, while everyone else had gone to the Rio at Las vegas because they thought the location sent out to everyone was just a Goon joke. There was a miniture train that ran across the cricket pitch, but it wasnt on rails, and it kept running people over, then reversing over them.

    There was also a section where I was sitting on a toilet on the cricket pitch, and someone stole all the toilet roll, but the less said about that the better!

    I must stop taking such strong cold medicine just before I go to sleep... or maybe I need to take more.. MUCH MORE...

    Dont ask me what it all means, I really have no idea. Anyone like to try to interpret this, feel free :)

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    Re: I had a weird Defcon 20 dream...

    The dreams meaning is obvious. You want to have sex with your mother.

    I guess I should have paid attention more in High School psych, I think that's all I got out of the Freud section...
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      Re: I had a weird Defcon 20 dream...

      << The Dreams Meaning IS Obvious ... >>
      abstract science = abstract reality