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Information about HackBus (links, and where to go for the latest)

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  • Information about HackBus (links, and where to go for the latest)

    Hello people interested in Hackbus,

    (I do not run this event, am not affiliated with it beyond this work on the defcon forums. :-)

    I received word from EvilMofo that this year, they have replaced their forum software with a blog for updates. The description has been changed to read as follows:

    Originally posted by description
    The Hackbus is the most entertaining method of going to Defcon from the SF bay area. It also carries passengers to the Defcon Shoot and the Toxic BBQ. (Information Site), (Image Site), (Twitter), (Facebook), (Blog(external link))
    Feel free to use these forums for questions and discussions, but if you want the latest information on hackbus, announcements and updates will probably be made by them using one of the services linked to in the description above like twitter, or their blog for the latest news and announcements.

    Setting this as a sticky and default until/unless one of the people running this want to replace it with something else or say they want it changed.