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  • Open CTF 2012 Announcement

    For Defcon 20, the OpenCTF Group plans to unveil a completely new style of CTF. The game mechanics are designed to provide users with an intensely competitive experience, allowing for to both serious and casual players to participate without forcing the completion to be the sole focus of their Defcon experience.

    This year’s game, while inspired by various types of past CTFs, introduces a new style of competition. The concept, called The Grid, blends together attributes from both Attack and Defend games and ever-popular Jeopardy Board style of CTF. Scoring is simple – each team has a goal of controlling as many nodes on The Grid as possible, until either one team controls every node, or time runs out. The Grid consists of multiple zones, and each zone consists of multiple nodes (servers), with each node running an identical set of vulnerable services. A web server running on each node gives players the details of each service, which includes a short scenario description along with any necessary support information, such as a downloadable form of a binary. Teams are given access to The Grid through a VPN tunnel, which provides connectivity to a random zone. In order to completely traverse The Grid, a team must be able to exploit multiple services as they gain control of a node, a whole zone, and finally multiple zones.

    We've been doing this for a few years now, and from what we've seen, one of the major factors curbing participation in CTFs at DEFCON is the significant time investment required. Games that span the entirety of a convention force players to have that CTF as their singular focus the entire time, unless they want to risk falling behind to go do something else. As a result, we have made two major changes to how we will run OpenCTF this year. First, we have reduced the maximum team size to have a hard limit of four players. This serves to ease the formation of ad-hoc teams, and also prevents larger teams from having an unfair advantage. Second, we will be running the game as a single-elimination tournament. Friday will consist of five 2-hour qualifier heats, with the top 8 teams from each heat moving on to the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals will divide the remaining 40 teams in two, and each 20 team group will play a 3-hour quarter-final round on Saturday, with the top 8 teams again moving on. The remaining 16 teams will compete in a 3-hour semi-final round, with the top 6 teams qualifying for the finals. The final round will run all day Sunday, and will last for anywhere between 4 and 7 hours, depending on the deadline for closing ceremonies. Between the Semi-Finals and Finals there will be a Teaser mini-competition, in which teams will gain early access to challenges from the Finals as prizes for correct solutions. This is so that teams have enough time to work on challenges that are of the difficulty associated with the Final Round.

    Follow for more information.

    Be advised, the Open CTF Group is not affiliated with the the other announcement related to "BroCTF" found on this forum.
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    Re: Open CTF 2012 Announcement

    Originally posted by plazmic View Post
    Be advised, the Open CTF Group is not affiliated with the the other announcement related to "BroCTF" found on this forum.
    I received a reply from Pyr0 on this issue, and he directed me to create a new forum for [forum=653]BroCTF[/forum] which *might* be a new contest this year.

    I've moved the "other thread" (mentioning BroCTF) into a newly created forum (mentioned above) and left a "redirect" here in this forum, which will expire as a redirect in 2 week, leaving only the original thread in its new location.

    Please understand, this thread and forums is for the returning contest, "OpenCTF," or "OCTF," while "BroCTF," will be treated as a new contest, assuming it receives an okay to run from Pyr0.