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Playing m4b - formatted DEF CON audio in Android OS

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  • Playing m4b - formatted DEF CON audio in Android OS


    Despite various efforts, I have been unable to play the m4b format audio files from the DEF CON 19 media archives on either of my Android handsets.

    I have so far tried the following:

    -Streaming or downloading and playing via the RSS audio feed with the BeyondPod app (I can view and download the particular talk's audio file, but receive the message "Playback Error!")
    -Copying the files from a computer to the phone's micro SD card and attempting to play them with: default Music app, ASTRO File Manager's built in audio app, Smart AudioBook Player app, Akimbo Player app
    -Changing the file extensions to m4a or mp3

    They play without a problem on a Mac or PC in iTunes and VLC, but I'd really love to catch up on talks that I've missed using my phone while commuting to work.

    The ideal scenario would be to use a podcast app to download specific and play specifics talks on the go. They all show up, including descriptions, in BeyondPod, but just don't play. I do this with podcasts like Stuff You Should Know and it works wonderfully.

    Has anyone had similar difficulties or successes with this scenario?

    Note: this is my first post here and I believe that I am in the appropriate sub-forum, but apologize if this is not the case.


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    Re: Playing m4b - formatted DEF CON audio in Android OS


    No android here to test on, but might work
    Aut disce aut discede