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Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

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  • Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

    Called the Rio tonight to finally book my room. I was calling about other rate codes, but the DefCon block rate was the better deal overall. I told her I would think about it so I could just book online and save the talking.

    Before I got off the phone, she warned me to book quickly because the DefCon room black was almost sold out.

    Always take CSR advice to make a sale with a grain of salt, but something to consider as the regular rate on the rooms is significantly higher (I think she said $184 for Friday and $199 for Saturday).
    If you can remember DefCon, you weren't really there...

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    Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

    Believe me at 199 you will taking it thinking its a steal. Like i said in another thread once our block sells out the prices jump drastically i can only remeber them getting fairly close to 500 a night just for that weekend. That being said if you are on the fence but closer to going book the room cause if you dont and end up deciding to go you'll wish you did like a friend of mine who ended up having to stay offsite and pay to get back and forth eating up money you dont have


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      Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

      I booked via an internet site and got better rates. I'd go with the defcon rate code if I knew the money went to something defcon related and whatnot. Reminds me of when the AP charged us for broken light bulbs and stuff.


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        Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

        I've heard reports today that people trying to make Rio Room reservations for Defcon at the Defcon rate are seeing room rates per night as high as $319/night.

        They wonder why this is, when the published Defcon Rate is much lower. This usually means all rooms in the "Defcon Block" which can be reserved at the Defcon rate have been sold-out. Any remaining rooms are not in the Defcon block, and are no longer restricted to the negotiated Defcon rates per night.

        Alternatives and planning:
        * Some people had success last year using non-Defcon rates, and online discount codes. [Visit , click "reservations" which takes you to, "," make sure javascript is enabled, Leave "Destination" as "Las vegas" but change "Casino" to "Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino," then to the right click the link (after page refresh on your Casino Selection) "Check for promotions at this casino and save!" From here, they provide some deals. Last year, these included 30% off for 4 nights in a row or more, and 20% off for 2 nights off in a row.]
        -> Someone else let me know through another medium that they found the "totalrewards discount codes" did not apply over a blackout period during Defcon this year.
        * Last year, some people have had success with places like travelzoo, or travelocity, or places like Expedia. Try this, if you want, but hotels sometimes have agreements with these places to send their customers to "overflow hotels" which have agreements with the property; just because you have a 'rio reservation' does not mean you will necessarily be at the Rio. :-/ Call the Rio directly after you have a reservation to see if your reservation is one that would be bumped, if the hotel is full when you arrive.
        * Stay at a nearby hotel. "Gold Coast" is right next door, but one "Las Vegas City Block" away, and quite a distance to walk, especially in the heat. Beyond "Gold Coast," there are other hotels a little further away. Taxi cost money, so the further you are from the Rio, the more it will cost you to get to and from the Rio.
        * Stay at another "Ceasars Entertainment Hotel and Casino" and take advantage of "free shuttle service" to Ceasars sister properties:
        * Find other people staying at the Rio, and arrange to share a room and split costs.
        * Find other people staying at other nearby hotels and arrange to share a taxi and costs of the taxi to/from the Rio
        * Find other people tha have rented a car, and who are staying at a non-Rio hotel, and ride with them, and contribute to their cost of gas.
        * Combine some or all of these.

        * Don't forget about costs of taxi: the further you are away, the more it will cost.
        * If you are going to rent a car, that will also cost a lot, and probably cost more than a taxi.
        * If you rent a car, you may be able to save some money by visiting a grocery store to buy in bulk and store in your room, saving you from high restaurant prices at the Rio.
        * If you go with a non-Defcon rate at the Rio, you *probably* won't get any of the custom artwork room keys. (Your skills at Social Engineering or bribery may be able to change the chances of this.)

        Please provide more advice to people looking for a place to stay when attending Defcon.


        [Edit: more stuff]!/linuxstumbler wrote:
        (GC = Gold Coast (next door to the Rio))
        Originally posted by URL1
        @TCMBC I stayed at GC last year. The walk isn't that bad if you cut through the parking garage. The rooms are OK.
        On the topic of cutting through the parking lots, a Defcon goon had another comment:

        Originally posted by URL2
        @TCMBC be very careful though, we did have a goon mugged going between the two last year
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          Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

          Procrastination hurts... I looked at the DefCON rate about a week and a half ago and the basic suite was around 120/night average. Now, it is $214 a night average.

          Booked it anyway. None of the big name sites could do any better. Rates are going up fast.
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            Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

            Don't know if this'll be of much use now, but when booking the Rio, if you have two Total Rewards codes, the discount is larger, or you may be comped rooms Sun-Wed. At least that worked out that way last month. So double-up with a buddy and see if that works...


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              Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?


              Originally posted by URL1
              #defcon hotel room block is almost sold out. We are getting more rooms for our block, but all that are left are more expensive ones.


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                Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

                Originally posted by TheCotMan View Post
                * Stay at another "Ceasars Entertainment Hotel and Casino" and take advantage of "free shuttle service" to Ceasars sister properties:
                This is a very valuable bit of info that I wanted to re-quote in case anyone overlooked it. Specifically, the Harah's-to-Rio-and-back shuttle is a lifesaver. Last year my group and I even shuttle-hopped a few times (Treasure Island to the Mirage) then cross the street to Harah's which took us to the Rio. No need to pay for a taxi several times a day for 4 or 5 days...


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                  Re: Book Rio soon - DefCon block almost sold out?

                  I stayed at Extended Stay America for DC19, and while any serious partying would get you tossed out on your ear, it's a great place if you're looking for a VERY close home away from home, and very reasonable as to price. Here's a link to the rooms for a stay starting on July 25th.


                  Extended Stay America - Las Vegas - Valley View
                  4270 S. Valley View Blvd.
                  Las Vegas, NV 89103
                  Tel: (702) 221-7600 | Fax: (702) 221-7601 | Email:

                  Right now it's showing $54.99 per night. The earlier you book, the cheaper it's going to be. They come with a full kitchen, and I found it very comfortable. It's on the same street as the Rio, but on the other side of Flamingo. I found it an easy walk, but I also had a car (and used it, most days).

                  Personally, I'd recommend making reservations there, just in case. You could *always* cancel (and I don't recall them charging a cancellation fee, either).