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Pruned Management/Judges from Defcon Short Story Contest thread

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    Re: Short Story Contest

    Originally posted by TheCotMan
    Timer is running. 2 Week for mod comment. If I don't come back with an announcement by April 17, 2012, please (anyone) feel free to remind me.
    Luckily, Nikita reminded me about this. There were zero negative comments by mods about this over the 2 week review, so ZipLock has been added as a Forum Leader/Organizer to the "Short Story Contest" forum. This is not a moderator title, but you do have some controls that moderators do:
    * Stick/Unstick threads
    * Open/Close threads.
    * Prune threads
    * Other stuff

    Leaders/Organizers do not enforce rules, and cannot ban or unban users, but they have extra controls to help manage the content in the forums for which they are leader/organizers. They are also listed as "Forum Leader/Organizers" for the forum they are associated. (When viewing all threads in a forum, you should be able to find a list of leader/oranizer near the bottom, often on the left-side.)

    Sorry about the delay. I have been busy and totally forgot about it until Nikita reminded me.

    Good luck!