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  • Sefcon Social Engineering CTF In The News

    As part of on-going posted updates on "Defcon in the news" here is an update for the SECTF and Defcon in the news:


    Forget 'Brogrammers,' Women Have The Edge In DEFCON Social Engineering Contest
    May 21, 2012, 11:28AM
    by Paul Roberts

    Originally posted by URL1
    Men may dominate the ranks of vulnerability researchers and hackers. But could women be the superior social engineers? Its a question that the organizers of the annual Social Engineering Capture the Flag (CTF) contest at DEFCON will try to answer.
    "Unfortunately, there's a chauvinist consensus that females don't get security," said Chris Hadnagy of, which sponsors the annual Capture the Flag contest. "The truth is that, as social engineers, women do better. We've seen hacktivists like Anonymous and LulzSec use females as part of their attacks."
    The organizers will also host the second annual social engineering capture the flag contest for children. That contest, which is part of the DEFCON Kids conference is a treasture hunt, with kids needing to retrieve clues from "targets" at the conference. Those clues include ciphers which the contestants need to assemble and decode to solve a puzzle and win.
    There is more in the article. Follow the URL if you want to read the whole thing.
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    Re: Sefcon Social Engineering CTF In The News

    It makes me sad that I couldn't commit to DEFCON 20 until this late... I really, really wanted to participate this year in the Social Engineering contest
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