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    News everybody!

    I recently received confirmation that my request for a projector and screen for The Schemaverse booth in the contest area was approved! This means that we will be able to display a leader board and show a real time visualization of the battle taking place throughout the conference for all to see.

    Why is this awesome:
    1. Bragging rights - You know you want your name at the top of that list ;)
    2. People won't look at me so strange while trying to explain that there is actually a game taking place IN THE DATABASE
    3. You can do a bit of cheating with the information leakage on the giant screen.

    Of course, we like a little stress leading up to DEFCON so this isn't actually done yet. If you want to follow the progress OR if you want to be a trooper and help out, come follow the discussion in our mailing list:

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    Re: Visualizer

    You can check out the awesome progress being made on the visualizer here: