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trading swag in the LPV

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  • trading swag in the LPV

    So. This is my first visit to DEFCON and I'm particularly looking forward to some lockpick coaching.

    I'm planning on bringing my own picks but I'm curious what other swag I should pack?

    I have about a dozen lock cylinders that I've picked up at construction recycling stores. Most are residential quality but I also have three ZEISS IKON security cylinders, they have some interesting anti-bumping springs and side pins. I was thinking I might be able to trade people to mix up my collection a bit.

    Is this something that is done?
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    Re: trading swag in the LPV

    Sounds like you've got a pretty fun hardware bag started... and you most certainly will find others who are interested in locks that you bring with you. One piece of advice that i would offer is to absolutely mark all of your locks and picks and other metal gear in a unique way so that if they get tossed around on to a table in front of you, it's still possible to track what's yours.

    Most people use the nail polish solution... go to the store and get two or three unique colors of the brand "Hard As Nails" polish. Put small dots or stripes on everything that you own, using those colors.

    While we do not have an official mechanism set up in the Village for people who wish to exchange or trade hardware, there is no policy to discourage it... as long as someone isn't running a full-on retail operation for cash or whatnot.

    Many people actually appear at events like this (and especially LockCon which takes place in a few weeks!) with 10 or more of the same item... something unique that they found somewhere, etc etc... looking to trade with others.

    Bring anything you wish to share and trade anything you find that is worthy!

    Best regards and see you in Vegas.
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