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  • 20 days to go...

    Just an update on some numbers for everyone.

    registered shooters...
    40 standard reg
    1 military
    5 un-free subjects

    shooting lanes...
    4 - Wednesday 01
    10 - Wednesday 02 [now sold out]
    10 - Thursday 01 [now sold out]
    10 - Thursday 02 [now sold out]

    8 RSOs will result in an average of 3 orange vests per shift
    8 Security Staff will result in an average of 3 yellow vests per shift

    ... so if you still want a lane, all we have left are Wednesday early shift. i think we really dialed in the numbers well this year when it comes to table and tent rentals!
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    Re: 20 days to go...

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it!


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      Re: 20 days to go...

      How do we handle walk-ins at the shoot? I mean if I am walking to my car and someone asks where I am going and they want to come along, can they pay on site?


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        Re: 20 days to go...

        Did you receive my PM regarding the Wednesday second shift lane rental and badge?


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          Re: 20 days to go...

          I cant wait.. this is going to be epic...