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  • Exploit Hackathon

    Exploit Hackathon

    Who this is for:

    You think you got skills; mad coding skills.
    You hack together solutions at the speed of a keystroke.
    You want to put your code up against the best the InfoSec scene has to offer.

    What Happens:

    You will be given the challenge to code a new exploitation utility for release
    during Defcon. There will be some guidelines and a time limit.

    Right now we are intending this to be a one day (Sat) 8-12 hour event.
    We have been asked to reconsider this to stretch multiple days and it is being considered.

    The Code:

    All code submitted during the contest will be released as FOSS under a BSD License.
    The BSD license grants the most amount of freedom in the use of the code and we
    will be contributing it all back to the community.

    You should be comfortable submitting code into GitHub as that is the mechanic we are likely to employ.

    Why Here:

    Defcon is the largest hacker conference in the world.
    As such it draws some of the best coders amateurs, professional, hackers,
    many of whom travel thousands of miles to participate. Where better to test your

    The Judges:

    I have reached out to friends and contacts to assemble a panel of InfoSec leaders
    and professionals with the goal of establishing a peer level second to none.

    As of this time I am proud to announce the following have accepted my invitation:

    Dan Kaminsky
    Dave Marcus
    Meredith L. Patterson

    I am honored to have them participate.
    If you do not know who at least two of these names of the top of your head,
    you are entering the wrong contest. Google them or GTFO.

    The Rewards:

    Be Judged by The Exploit HackaThon Panel (It's an Honor.)

    Pwnie Express has committed to generously donate one of their floor models to be awarded.
    This is some cool tech and the winning team will take it home
    Check out their site:

    This IS NOT a Black Badge event at this time.
    We Have been told if there is enough interest and participation we could be considered
    to have one awarded. So this may change based on YOU.

    Who am I:

    I am Chosen1.
    A Hacker for 20 years, DefCon Goon for 10.

    More information will be coming so check back here for updates
    One man can change the world.
    "Hello everybody out there using minix -
    I'm doing a (free) operating system ..."
    - Linus Benedict Torvalds -

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    Re: Exploit Hackathon

    [Edited by Chosen1 to remove duplication of Long post ]

    I did get this on the last list from Pyr0 as a contest/event, and it will be getting a forum later today, then moved to that forum.
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      Re: Exploit Hackathon

      Working on finalizing the rules, they will be posted soon.
      One man can change the world.
      "Hello everybody out there using minix -
      I'm doing a (free) operating system ..."
      - Linus Benedict Torvalds -