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  • DC20 Contest Format

    These details are open for further discussion and may change here and there so you may want to check back every so often.

    Where: Contest Area
    When: All day, every day while the Contest Area is open

    Prize: First 100 registrants will "win" a sweet DC20 Schemaverse button

    There will be no deadline for entering the competition but realistically speaking you should be signed up by Friday morning if you are playing to win.

    Pre-tournament Round
    Starts: Thursday at Noon
    Ends: Friday at 11:30AM

    Prize: Bragging Rights?

    You will want to use this round to get all your scripts loaded and configured for the tournament. This way it is all ready to go when the real round starts up.

    Actual Tournament
    Starts: Friday at Noon
    Ends: Sunday 11:00AM


    Schema Supremacy: DC20 Schemaverse Championship hoodie
    Get the highest final score and you can win an awesome looking hoodie :D

    Best Hack: Navicat for PostgreSQL (Awesome database management software which Navicat has graciously supplied us a license of)
    This one is completely judged by me. Keep in mind, if I don't know about your hack then you can't win the prize! I will keep the details to myself so any advantage is kept but you need to come gloat to me about it.

    Game Settings
    As anybody who has played the game tends to know, some of the settings change pretty frequently while we try to balance it out. For the tournament, I will likely keep the settings as they currently are in the public database. These settings are as follows:

    Map Size=~3000 Planets




    If you don't know what these settings are, you can do a select * from public_variable; to see an explanation of each (or run over to the tutorial: ).

    Our Contest Booth
    Last year our Contest Area booth ended up being a great place to sit around and hack at the game and I am definitely looking forward to this happening again. I have requested a couple more chairs and maybe even an extra table but this may depend on space available in the contest area.

    Regardless though, please feel free to come by to learn more about the game, submit bugs, social engineer some strategy or just drink a beer with us.

    Of course, we will also have the visualizer up showing off the the leader board, the Schemaverse overall map and close-ups of battles taking place. So far this thing looks awesome :D

    Questions and Comments
    If you want anything cleared up, please feel free to post a reply to this or contact me over on the twitter: @schemaverse

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    Re: DC20 Contest Format

    Just some changes regarding the registration, pre-tournamnet and tournament start and end times. The contests area isn't open until Friday so we have had to change around some times.

    The contest booth opens at 9:30am on Friday which should give everyone more than enough time to prepare for Saturday's start.

    Pre-tournament Round
    Starts: Friday at 9:30AM
    Ends: Saturday at 9:00AM

    Actual Tournament
    Starts: Saturday at 10:00AM
    Ends: Sunday 11:00AM