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Windows 7 BitLocker issue when system volume is changed

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  • Windows 7 BitLocker issue when system volume is changed

    Does anyone have any knowledge that could be of assistance to this issue?

    Situation: I have a Windows 7 partition that is encrypted with BitLocker. While logged into Windows I reduced the size of the win 7 partition to make room for a second partition that I used to install Linux to. I then reboot and load Linux into the second partition. In doing so I allow Linux to setup its own boot loader to replace the standard Windows boot loader. Linux installed correctly. I reboot again and try to get back into Windows; I now get a message asking for the BitLocker key in order to accept the change to my system volume.

    Issue: I cannot find the BitLocker key and now I am locked out of my own system. Despite my best efforts I cannot seem to solve this issue.

    My Research so far: All evidence points back to change of boot loader as being the reason for needing the BitLocker key not the change in partition size. I cannot prove this but this is what I am finding on other forums with folks who have had similar experiences (no one has solved it). I would have assumed the change in partition size would have been the "system volume" change that BitLocker has the issue with.

    I will be trying to put the windows boot loader back, but I am thinking that the change has been registered already and can’t be un-done. If this does work, ill post my success for others to learn from. But until then, any help is appreciated. I won’t be able to try this until I can get my drive cloned (could be a few days from now); I don’t want to mess up my only good copy of the drive.
    - cmos

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    Re: Windows 7 BitLocker issue when system volume is changed

    Yes indeed you are out of luck if you don't have the recovery key or a backup of your data.

    In the future the way to do it is to suspend bitlocker, do your partition magic stuff, then when you are all happy resume bitlocker and it will accept all the changes you have made.
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