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  • Music Goon / Arts & Ent Dept Thankyooz

    So, I didn't make it to closing ceremonies this year and our shouts also didn't make it into the con program (shakes fist @ Neil - kidding - all good). So I'm laying out my thanks on the table here, and I'm giving it a fresh thread cos damnit, this stuff is important:

    1. My. Team. Zziks, Twin Peaks, Krisz Klink, ChrisAM, Tribalsoul, and Ash: It was brutal. It was exhausting. It was physically painful. It was FUN AS HELL (in a masochistic sort of way). You guys were all amazing and on point. I'm so lucky to be able to work with all of you. I hope I have the opportunity to work with all of you next year.

    2. Neil (thank you for pulling off the sweet art for the music CD) and Nikita, for being awesome friends, watching my back, and being my primary outlet for when I vent.

    3. Charel, Betsy, and Charel's other assistant (SO SORRY I CANNOT RECALL YOUR NAME): thanks for putting up with me, and being an awesome interface with the hotel

    4. Ira - "Thank you" is not enough justice for putting up with the iterations upon iterations upon iterations upon iterations (ad infinitum) to my hotel and pass-sheets + helping things go so very smoothly for us @ the con itself.

    5. Kampf - thanks for helping keep an eye on us + providing so much damn music.

    6. Our suppliers:
    a) Decor: Zebbler, Encanti, Jacob, Joseph, (Kate you were missed!)
    b) Sound: Christian and Joshua
    c) VJing: Joshua + Kevin + the rest of your crew
    d) Hula+Staff Performing: Nadia, Joshua, and the others!
    e) Lighting: Ryan @ Pacific Coast

    7. Lockheed + NOC: The drops. The only CDs in the building. Dude! I didn't see you during TCM! We would have brought ya back stage! So glad we made the dream of bringing TCM to DEF-CON a reality.

    8. Sunshine @ Merch for hooking stuff up.

    9. And of course, our diverse set of DJs and artists who kept the air filled with pulsating rhythmic pressure waves.

    10. DT - for letting me have this fun and getting to know all of these wonderful people.

    11. Anyone else who I'll probably think of within an hour of posting this.
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    Re: Music Goon / Arts & Ent Dept Thankyooz


    I can't imagine running a 3 day multiple stage rave. I mean, really @#@$!? How are you all not dead? (I know, I know, its because you are all really zombies.)

    Thank you all the crew who ran the systems, decorated the stages with the insane dragons, floaty thing, and dragony art. Its so hard to spin in the chill room and not like...forget the crowd and just stare at the visuals. Oops, I missed a track, but whoa that dragon has feathers now!!!!

    I was on the pool stage with Dale Chase and Dual Core and the three of us were just staring at the defcon logo. The visual people brought some amazing stuff. Thank you#$@$!

    Big ups to all of the DJs and bands who made it and dang, everyone brought it!!! Its DefCon, go big or go home.

    I completely went all fan girl when Elite Force was ahead of me and told me to have a good set. *musical swoon* (He produced some of the tracks that I play.)
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

    send in the drop bears!


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      Re: Music Goon / Arts & Ent Dept Thankyooz

      now that I'm back in the real world i will post this :

      The amount of planning and attention to detail we provided for this years DEFCON was unparalleled to previous years.

      DEFCON 20 was a game changer, Having a grand vision of what could be then watching unfold exactly how you saw it is a huge payoff.

      to say that we had a blast would be a severe understatement.

      Our crew worked flawlessly through the hiccups ( it wouldn't be a DEFCON with out a few hiccups) the body aches, lack of sleep, and drunken messes and still delivered incredible product every night.

      We aimed high while planning for DC20, expecting to be above the clouds. Instead, all the planning and prep launched our events into orbit nightly ..

      Of course thanks to everyone on the Entertainment crew

      Great Scott
      Krisz Klink
      Twin Peaks (the love of my life)

      really the BIG thank you goes to you, the reader of this post.

      It doesn't matter if you were a human/goon/speaker/press/vendor/artist, YOU made DEFCON 20 an awesome experience in your own way ..

      I look forward to doing this all again next year ( provided defcon isn't canceled) .


      ( edits: i suck at spelling and grammar)
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        Re: Music Goon / Arts & Ent Dept Thankyooz

        Thanks to all involved. From my perspective, there was good music wherever and whenever I wanted it, as if by magic. It fed the dancing hinge.

        Well done.

        - hinge


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          Re: Music Goon / Arts & Ent Dept Thankyooz

          Scott (and crew) thanks for doing such a great job on the Balls this year. We (Goon Band) had an absolute blast and LOVED the stage.

          I don't think I heard one negative comment about the Balls all weekend so pat yourselves on the back.
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