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  • Wireless Village feedback

    I spent a fair amount of time at the Wireless Village this year. I know it doesn't have the draw of some of the other villages, but it was constantly packed and usually had people standing at the door or sitting on the floor.

    When I was stationed outside the door, a fair amount of people came and then left because the room was at or above 100% capacity most of the time.

    If you search Twitter for "wireless village" ( as I did), you'll find that the single most common point of feedback was the size of the room (or, lack thereof).

    Also, a fair number of people expressed frustration at finding the Village; personally, I thought the map made it easy enough, but that's what I heard many times.

    I for one appreciate the time and effort Dakahuna put in this year to run the village this year and hope others will be willing to step up and assist in the future!

    I hope that it will have more space next year. It probably doesn't need to be a huge room, but bigger than a closet. :-)

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    Re: Wireless Village feedback

    Agreed, he had an awesome lineup of speakers and did a great job organizing everything this year. I was kinda thankful for the smaller room as it was my first time speaking in any capacity :). I had a great time and was glad to be a part of the village this year. Can't wait till next year.



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      Re: Wireless Village feedback

      I've made sure that it's on my to-do and everyone knows (at least our senior staff) that we are giving wifi village a bigger space for dc21. Feedback noted. When I walked in, I was like WTF? This is a lot smaller than we had envisioned, so everyone was right in their assessment that it was basically a closet. won't happen again.
      "Haters, gonna hate"