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Suggestions of things to add to the FAQ...

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  • Suggestions of things to add to the FAQ...

    We have two commons FAQ for Defcon:

    * General FAQ
    * Unofficial FAQ

    It has been a while since we talked about suggestions for adding new questions and answers to the FAQ.

    Let's start another round of suggestions and see if any of them are good enough to get included in either FAQ. :-)

    Some ideas on additions to one or the other or both:

    Q) Doesn't my badge entitle me to free Toxic BBQ food, freely shoot other people's weapons at the Defcon shoot, a station to myself with my own soldering iron on the Hardware Hacking village and full access to all Defcon parties?

    A) Badges are only for access to Defcon space. Many events happen at Defcon but are funded outside of Defcon by volunteers. Most parties at Defcon are not run by Defcon, but instead run by long-time attendees and volunteers, using their own money to host a party. Many other events only get access to Defcon space to work, and do not get any percent or money from the badge you purchase. You should have no sense of "entitlement" in these spaces run by volunteers as their individual and group contributions make access to tools, food, or equipment possible.
    There has been a thought given voice by people new to Defcon, complaining about lack of access to certain things. If I recall correctly, this has been addressed in DC101 at least once before, and probably more often.

    Openly stating this can help manage expectations, and remind people most things at Defcon evolved by contributions made by volunteers, which were not paid to provide the service, education, information and access they provide today.

    Q) Why doesn't Defcon have/do/use/organize ________________?

    A) If you think something is missing at Defcon, why not ask about providing what you see that is missing? How strongly you feel about your desire is expressed by the actions you take to see it happen. Just saying, "but I really, *really*, want to see this happen!" is an overstatement if you are not willing to contribute work to make it happen. Volunteering begins with volunteers.
    Do you have any other suggestions for additions to the FAQ, which are not covered by either FAQ? Have you heard people complain about something, and wished they understood how things worked?

    Were you new to Defcon this year or last year, and did you find some questions and answers that could have really helped you if you knew about them before attending Defcon?

    Please contribute your ideas!


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    Re: Suggestions of things to add to the FAQ...

    Official FAQ:

    It implies that photography is permitted (plugging, but it doesn't spell it out.

    Age limit question: Do we want to update that now that Defcon Kids exists?

    Unofficial FAQ:

    Rule 4... Is the secure network really that bad? Might be more useful advice to tell people not to bring devices with valuable data on them, because hardening every possible attack vector is not easy.


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      Re: Suggestions of things to add to the FAQ...

      Originally posted by Gigs View Post
      It implies that photography is permitted (plugging, but it doesn't spell it out.

      I should probably update the "rules" to point to the new photography rules at Defcon, whatever they are, when they are updated.

      (By the way: good suggestions.)