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  • Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                          S O  C A L  C A R  C A R A V A N 
                          S O  C A L  C A R  C A R A V A N
                             RESURRECTION EDITION, 2013
                          S O  C A L  C A R  C A R A V A N
                        Preliminary Announcement: 02/15/2013
      We are proud to announce the reestablishment of the SoCal Car Caravan 
                        to Defcon after a decade in abeyance.
    	PEOPLE OF EARTH! If you are reading this, you have been chosen 
    to take part in a glorious motor caravan across the desert wastes to 
    face death, glory, and people with blue hair who may be feds. The Socal 
    Caravan to Defcon returns after a decade of terrible absence. Take part 
    in the event your children's children will be memetically encoded with!
    WHO:   You know who you are - and likely have a car at your disposal.
    WHAT:  Interstate 15 to Las Vegas from Los Angeles.
    WHERE: Ontario Mills, California
    WHEN:  Wednesday before Defcon.
    WHY:   To make the pilgrimage to the east alongside your fellow 
           technophiles, and maybe make the occasional dick joke over
           walkie talkies.
         So you're bored, and have never gone to a convention? You want to 
    collect intel on your fellow technophiles? Travel east with out motley 
    collection of your fellow hackers, phreaks, scions of the illuminati, 
    and tantric sex gods! The Socal Car Caravan convenes at the Ontario 
    Mills mall the Wednesday before the con, there the mighty will join our 
    warhost. Direction will be provided exclusively over desert crossing 
    radio, a fearsome communications station located in the mothership that 
    will guide us into the east.
    You will arrive in Vegas with many a tale to tell, and even if you do 
    return, you will not be the same as when you left. It will be amazing, 
    we will fight anyone who says otherwise, then they will explode.
            COST:  The caravan is provided at no cost to you. You are 
                   required to provide your own vehicle, or find one to
                   ride in. Fuel and food costs are yours to bear as well. 
                   Free entertainment will be provided prior to depature as 
                   we attempt to array our fellow hackers for launch in a
                   ritual known as "The Herding of the Cats!"
            TUNES: Your vehicle should be equipped with an FM radio and 
                   speakers suitable for listening to it. Desert Crossing 
                   Radio on 104.7 FM will be vital to your journey. We have 
                   solicited all manner of entertainment for this endeavour. 
                   If you have anything you wish to contribute, please post 
                   in this thread.
            For initial comments, requests for more information, information 
    about driving a car poorly, or maps to where prostitutes can't be seen 
    entering the Rio, post in this thread by using your 
    Or Email: for caravan information/updates and 
    to leave questions or comments.
    Or Snail Mail (U.S. Postal Service) it to SoCalCarCaravan, c/o Null 
    Space Labs, 1015 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90015.
    Future information updates will pertain to the driving agenda.
    Updates since the last caravan:
    >> The FCC and CHP are too busy to attend. We disavow the associated
    >> Top Gear, Pirate Radio Weekly, and Stephen Hawking have stated they 
       will attend.  
    >> We got a forum thread going for comments and questions.  Go us!
    >> We don't have enough $$$ to run the landfortress this year.  Sorry.
    >> A twelve year old screaming "Faggot!" will be representing anonymous 
       and a few other organizations.
    ++ Desert Crossing Radio will cover the event
    ++ There won't be anyone handing out awards for participation, but there 
       may be swag
    ++ Stever will be dragged behind a Smart Car all the way to Las Vegas
    Don't forget to put stickers representing any of the groups you belong 
    to on your vehicle.  We want to see cars in the parking lot displaying 
    all the various groups / people attending. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR COLORS!  
    (Break out the vinyl cutter and go to town)
            Wednesday the 31st of July 3pm, Ontario Mills, California
                       5pm       Begin gathering at Ontario Mills.
                                 Near-enough location: 34.073653N,
                                 117.546932W.  You'll know how to
                                 find your own.
                       7pm       Depart.  Head up I-15 North towards
                                 Las Vegas.
             A While Later       Stop at In & Out in Barstow.  Food
                                 and fuel; check your vehicle.
        An Hour After That       Back onto I-15 North.
           Past That Point       Stop at the Chevron in Baker.  Last
                                 food and fuel break before Las Vegas;
                                 Check your vehicle.
                   ARRIVAL       Reach the Rio Hotel and Casino.
                                 DEFCON DEFCON DEFCON DEFCON DEFCON
    This itinerary is proposed, and may change as necessary.  This is by no 
    means the exact format of The Socal Car Caravan.
    [>                SOCAL CAR CARAVAN and Desert Crossing Radio               <]
            Desert Crossing Radio is the official radio station of the SoCal 
    Car Caravan.  Broadcasting on 104.7 MHz in FM Stereo, it serves two 
    purposes: one, to be a rolling FCC violation; two, to keep everyone 
    up-to-date as to the caravan's progress.
    	Due to past experience with erroneous departure and stop 
    information being passed around to caravan participants, we really do 
    not want a repeat of that this year. As a result all official 
    caravan-related info will be relayed solely via Desert Crossing Radio on 
    104.7 FM.  Announcements heard anywhere else relating to the caravan 
    should be double-checked against the information being given on Desert 
    Crossing Radio for accuracy. Don't trust what you hear elsewhere - DCR 
    is your sole outlet for caravan info.
    	New for this year: the DCR request line.  We'll be accepting 
    requests both by voice and SMS, but have your passenger handle texting - 
    we don't need accidents.  If we're feeling frisky, we may even put you 
    on the air.  The SMS / voicemail / request line phone number will be 
    announced over the air on DCR 104.7 FM on the day of departure.
    	Traditionally, DCR holds a moment of silence as we pass the Cima 
    Road exit on I-15.  This is in remembrance of the Mojave Phone Booth, 
    cruelly removed by Pacific Bell and the National Parks Service because 
    people enjoyed going out to it.  The history of the World's Loneliest 
    Phone booth can be found at .
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    Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

    Yep, it's really back. The last time it ran we had somewhere in the region of 60 cars, and we'd like to kick off the resurrected version with at least as many. Hope to see at least as good a turnout this year!


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      Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

      We should do an advance team on Tuesday. That's when I head up. I bet we could get 60 cars a night for several days, and have iterations of caravans.


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        Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

        Any plans to coordinate a set of radio frequencies for chatter, a la 2003:


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          Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

          Originally posted by jason77 View Post
          Any plans to coordinate a set of radio frequencies for chatter, a la 2003:

          Probably not. Given the complete, utter, and total clusterfuck that resulted from attempts at coordinating frequency usage back then, we decided to just abandon the whole damn idea and let people figure it out for themselves. If anyone is interested in doing something with this, great - but the only frequency we're going to be focussing on is 104.7MHz.

          That said, if anyone is going to try to put together a band plan, using FRS and GMRS simplex frequencies would probably be best. This at least lets anyone who can buy a bubble-pack radio join in the fun of being stepped on by MARS/CAPped ham rigs when they get uppity and try to tone out the channel with their 500 milliwatts of fury.

          And yes, despite the infrequent updates, the caravan is most definitely happening and as scheduled. We're still about six weeks out, so expect updates to increase the closer we get to Defcon.
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            Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

            Everyone listen up! As you all know, the Defcon Socal Car Caravan is rapidly approaching. What have none of you planning on attending done? Suggest shit for us to play on the radio. This means you might very well be volunteering your audio senses to be assaulted by whatever Skroo and I think you need to hear.

            Don't think of the children, think of yourselves, and suggest what you want to hear, before we schedule 6 hours of big top music.


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              Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!



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                Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                Oh come on, we don't want people going completely crazy, you need to mix it up a bit:
                "You have cubed asscheeks?"... "Do you not?"


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                  Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                  Wow, that's a catchy tune. I'm going on 2 hours now.
                  There are techs that solve problems and there are techs that call other techs to solve problems.
                  Which one are you?


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                    Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                    I request the entire catalog of Selena Gomez


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                      Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                      Hey all, the caravan needs a co-pilot/radio operator for the ride to vegas. If you want a free ride to the con (does not include hotel, badge, yshirt, ect. Just a seat with a seatbelt), please contact to sign up.


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                        Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                        I'll be coming down from the bay and heading through Mojave for a pickup. If the stars align I should be able to meet up with the caravan in Barstow. Any particular server I should be fingering, or twitter hashjunk I should be following, for updates?


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                          Re: Socal Car Carvan Returns!

                          Originally posted by siigna View Post
                          I'll be coming down from the bay and heading through Mojave for a pickup. If the stars align I should be able to meet up with the caravan in Barstow. Any particular server I should be fingering, or twitter hashjunk I should be following, for updates?
                          Look for the #DC213 hashtag for updates.