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  • Championship Qualifiers

    This year, the DEFCON Schemaverse Championship round will only be open to players who qualify in one of the many tournament rounds leading up to DC21.

    The current, loose, plans for qualifying rounds include:
    • PGCon - May 21st to May 25th (Ottawa, ON) - Winner: Funbuster
    • Education Battle - Canceled this year, students are welcome to join the open qualifiers instead
    • Open Qualifier - June 26 ( Internet ) - Winner: Cisphyx
    • Open Qualifier - July 27 ( Internet )
    • DEFCON Qualifer - August 1st & 2nd (Las Vegas, NV)

    The prize for the first place position of each round, excluding the DEFCON Qualifier, will receive Free Entry to DEFCON 21! Other prizes will be available too but specific to the qualifying round.

    If you are interested in any of the above qualifying rounds, or if you would like to propose another qualifier, please speak up! I am especially looking for educational institutions who would want to compete against each other in the Education Battle.

    Last edited by Abstrct; July 22, 2013, 13:23. Reason: Winner added for second qual and date set for the third