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we're now on Twitter... and it's part of the game

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  • we're now on Twitter... and it's part of the game

    The Black Bag Contest is now on Twitter...

    ...and those who wish to participate will likely want to follow that account when DEFCON rolls around. More will be explained in due time, but overall the concept will be:

    1. Evil Covert Operative is staying somewhere at the con hotel

    2. teams of 3 people need to get into that person's room, acquire a lot of intelligence while they're there, and get out again... all in under 10 minutes.

    3. how are teams chosen? they will be the first 6 or 7 teams to email us the Evil Covert Operative's room number

    4. how will teams discover the room number? by following clues and possibly even tailing people on the first day of the con. we will use Twitter to give out details of how to identify this person and also post updates regarding where they were last seen, etc. Then teams will do their best to identify the room where the Evil Covert Operator is staying.

    5. once all teams are chosen by the end of Day One (we can always use Twitter to broadcast extra clues if no one has learned the room number by dinnertime) they will be given specific details of the attack that they must perform.

    6. on Day Two, the teams -one at a time- will attempt to enter the target hotel room, achieve their specific goals inside, and then depart. expect lockpicking, lock bypassing, key decoding, some minor computer work, and use of some specialized electronic tools.

    NOTE - no hotel resources will be part of the target package. Teams will not attack any hotel locks, hotel furniture, or anything else specific to the Rio. We will put our own filing cabinet, lock boxes, and other such materials in the target room. The room will only be used for ambiance and realism.

    7. Teams will have 10 minutes (we may adjust this to 15 minutes, but i'd like to keep it at 10) from their start mark until they must vacate the room again. Points will be awarded on the basis of how many intelligence objectives are achieved as well as any time remaining when they exit the room.
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    Re: we're now on Twitter... and it's part of the game

    Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
    The Black Bag Contest is now on Twitter...
    Twitter feed added to forum description for this. Please let me know if you want the description revised further.