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lots of fun stuff on slashdot today...

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  • lots of fun stuff on slashdot today...

    Worldwide WarDrive Aftermath

    Many Hackers Too Fat For The FBI

    Wireless Camouflage?

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    Re: lots of fun stuff on slashdot today...

    Originally posted by blackwave
    Worldwide WarDrive Aftermath

    Yep...this one killed me. You will notice the tribe is down? It is because of all the httpd processes that were killed the damn box. I had to pull tribe offline until the slashdotters relax a bit. I had the threshold of 150 httpd processes set. I was getting that immediately. I took the site down for a couple of hours....then brought it back up...same thing. Immediately 150 httpd processes.

    I am going to leave the site offline for a couple of hours until this gets off the main slashdot page....then I will try again....

    SecurityTribe is a hobby site. I don't have the kind of bandwidth or processing power to handle that kind of traffic
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      Yea we don't want fat feds, it'll be harder to spot them for the free t-shirt at the con!