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Title: Nostradamus Author: Andrew G

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  • Title: Nostradamus Author: Andrew G

    August 2, 2034

    Tony Skaza stands outside smoking his Parliament Cigarette.

    As he stands there, he sees numerous limos pull up. In one limo he sees a gorgeous blonde in sequins get out and walk to the main entrance to the door. At the same time, another limo rolls up and from what it seems, college kids get out. It was at this time, that clearly these kids were intoxicated, and they proceeded to shout sexual innuendos at the woman in sequins.

    It was just then a euphoric feeling came over him, and thought to himself, "how did I come so far?" He couldn't believe that
    ever since he was young, rockin' out Windows 95, as well as doom 95, he has become attached to computer technology. He remembered going to CompUSA with his parents, picking out memory for the computer that was 4096 KB a $140. Hell Yeah!

    Tony took another inhale from his cigarette. He would never had guessed that the DEFCON conference would be going as strong as it was in 2034.

    "DEFCON 42...." Tony thought.

    "I guess that IS the number to EVERTHING."

    As he could feel the heat of his cigarette reaching his middle and index finger, he decided to butt out his cigarette and reach for a new one. As the wheel and flint struck together, the flame became lively.

    " 'flame' " he thought.

    Flame, which was a type of malware discovered in 2012, was intended for cyber espionage against Middle Eastern Countries.

    For many years, hacking into other countries system for valuable data was extremely common. In 2013, China had hacked into US
    classified information such as crucial government systems and missile defense systems.
    It wasn't until 2020 that the U.S. government and its companies have taken their data entirely offline; You
    can only access information through hard copies. It was like that the entire human race had performed a driver
    rollback on itself. If you needed information, you had to physically go to the company and request that information you wanted...that was the only way to prevent any compromising of Personal Identity Information (PII).

    "Hey, you got a light?"

    Tony turned around and saw two guys, appearing to look a bit inebriated.

    "Sure" Tony said, as he gave the two men his lighter.

    "By the way, my name is John, and that's Dan"

    "Nice to meet you; I'm Tony" As the two parties made their acquaintances.

    "What do you guys think of the talks?" Tony asked.

    "Dude, the talks have been awesome!...on top of that, we're ballin' at the Bellagio!..I don't think that
    it could've been at any other place besides here!" Jon exclaimed with a grin.

    Tony turned to them and said, "oh, I agree, Bellagio was an awesome venue choice; But DEFCON was also held at another casino...
    the Rio, I believe?" as Tony appeared to ponder.

    "Meh, Rio is alright; it doesn't have all the great elegance and luxury look as the Bellagio does" As John replied.

    "True, but Rio was a great venue for those first 21 years...until that year in 2013..." As Tony trailed off.

    "What happened at the Rio in 2013?" John asked, as Dan turned and looked to be interested all of the sudden.

    "You guys didn't hear? if anything, that's why the casinos took extra consideration into hosting a hacker convention...anyway,
    yeah, the Rio stopped hosting DEFCON after its 21st year because during the conference around a couple million dollars vanished from the casino's possession...and it may sound cliche saying this, but still to this day, no one knows what happened to was like a cyber Ocean's Eleven."

    As Tony continued his story, John and Dan gazed in awe.

    "Yeah, after that, the Rio didn't want any part of DEFCON's hacker convention...It wasn't until the Bellagio stepped in and said
    they would be able to host the infamous DEFCON conference; So far, nothing has happened bad yet."

    "...Holy hell." As John said in a zombie-like expression.

    " and this person hasn't been caught?...with all the ridiculous tracking software we have now?" Dan chimed in.

    "Nope!...have you guys seen The Dark Knight Rises?...a movie made back then? guys would probably be too young to have seen that" Tony said.

    "No, we haven't....I've the seen the newest batman directed by Jaden Smith, though...that was awesome!" Dan said.

    "No, not the same type of the movie I was thinking of; well, in the Dark Knight Rises, there was a computer program called Clean Slate...basically, this fictional movie computer program became real, and rumors were swirling after the casino heist, that this person made this program a erased all tracks" Tony said.

    "What...the...hell" John said, as he stared blankly into the stone pavement.

    "Yup" Tony said.

    Boom.Boom. The noises echoed throughout the stretch of the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio fountain show just began, accompanied
    by the Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune.

    As Tony felt his cigarette's heat inching closer to his middle and index finger, he decided he was going to walk toward the fountain show to see the display.

    "Guys, it was nice talking to you; I'm going to walk over to get a better view of the light show" As Tony said putting out his

    "Sounds good man; yeah, we'll probably hit the blackjack tables inside" John said laughing.

    The parties then left their separate ways.

    The light show was still going on, also still being accompanied by Clair de Lune.

    As John and Dan walked through the doors of the Bellagio, they called out to an old, but familiar face.

    "Bruce!" John said. "How's it goin'?!"

    "Can't complain, I'm just going try to catch a late flight out of here. " he said frantically.

    "By the way, how'd you enjoy your conversation with that guy out there? Bruce said.

    "With who, Tony?" John replied puzzled.

    "Yup, that's the know why right?"

    "No, why?" again, John asking puzzled.

    "Word on the street is that he was the reason why we're in this God-forsaken hotel...rumor has it that he was part of, or wholly responsible for taking down the Rio Casino, and taking millions of dollars back in 2013....Bellagio least at the Rio you didn't have to wait 20 minutes after you order a drink at the tables." Bruce said disgusted.

    "If you excuse me, I'll be late guys for my plane" As Bruce whisked away to the nearest cab.

    As Bruce got into the cab, John and Dan were frozen in shock.

    From their position, all John and Dan could do is try to spot Tony from afar.

    Just then John saw a figure from a distance that looked like Tony.

    Just as the Clair de Lune began to end, the fountains had shot high up in the air, along with the mists of the fountains blurring the scenery around the area, cloaking what appeared to be Tony... appears that some people were meant to walk between the raindrops.

    Story by: Dre-Wan
    "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."

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    Re: Title: Nostradamus Author: Andrew G

    My favorite line from the story:

    "True, but Rio was a great venue for those first 21 years...until that year in 2013..." As Tony trailed off.
    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.