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Looking for Ride from OC

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  • Looking for Ride from OC

    Title more or less says it all. I'm in orange county, Ca and I'm looking for a ride to defcon and back! I obey the rules of the road (gas, grass, or ass) except I don't want to be caught riding dirty and I'm in a committed relationship so I'd rather not put out if i don't have to. So I guess that leaves pitching in for gas which I am more than comfortable with. Despite not owning a vehicle I'm pretty handy so if we got trapped in the desert you would want me there. With the right tools (improvised or otherwise) I could change a tire, mend a hose, wave down an oncoming vehicle. I've also read numerous survival guide and subscribe to the lifestyle of a prepper.

    anyway, post a reply if you have an arrangement and we can get to talking.

    p.s. no murderers. I'm firm on this.

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    Re: Looking for Ride from OC

    After some very last second planning, I've decided to head out this year. If things pan out on the room share thread, I'll roll out with the LA Caravan on Wednesday and will mossey on back sometime on Sunday.

    I'm in Long Beach and can offer you a ride.

    Now onto the good bits:
    While I'm not a murdered (on weekdays), I'm headed out on a GSA1200 (motorcycle). If you're a bad enough OP that likes desert heat and can bear the thought of placing your well being and possibly your life into the hands of a totall stranger from the Interborgs, I can get you there and back in one piece. =O

    - Late 20s dude from LB.
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