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(Sticky) Official: Hackers Against Humanity FAQ

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  • (Sticky) Official: Hackers Against Humanity FAQ

    Q: What is Hackers Against Humanity?
    A: A terrible idea that will probably get banned once they find out what we did, and who we will offend

    Q: No really! What is it?
    A: It is the EXACT same game as "Cards Against Humanity" only cards are targeted towards the InfoSec / Hacker sub-culture

    Q: Should I sign-up and play at DEF CON?
    A: No! Absolutely not! This is a bad idea, and people will look down on you for being in this tournament

    Q: What if I am already going to hell (aisle seat) and looking to upgrade (cabin select)?
    A: Yes! You should play this game! We will take pre-registration soon, so stay tuned to this chat channel for more details!

    Q: Can I get access to the cards now?
    A: No, all cards will be available at DEF CON, they will be distributed freely afterwards.

    Q: What license is this under?
    A: Creative Commons. More exact, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

    Q: What does the Cards Against Humanity people have to say about this?
    A: They have given us their blessing, so long as we do not profit

    Q: Are you going to profit?
    A: Nope! We will sell cards for over "cost", this will allow us to dump more money into the EFF's hands.

    Q: EFF? So they are cool with this?
    A: Absolutely not! If they knew what kind of pandora's box we are about to open, they would start to puke in the nearest baby stroller. Though, I am sure they will take money from anonymous donation that cannot be traced back and thus, not supporting such a horrible idea.

    Q: Should I remove you from my friends list?
    A: Why haven't you already? No really, this is probably the meanest, low brow, cheap tricks, un-holy use of money time and effort. Anyone who is still my friend after this already knows what is in store in the afterlife.

    Q: I want to get ready for my trip to hell, what should I pack?
    A: The game will include references to the Internet (heard of it?), common meme's, hacker culture, pop-culture, current events and just right awfully sounding things we just made up. Spend a day watching Archer, reading all "confirmed" meme's on Know Your Meme, your local newspaper and Reddit. This will give you a leg up for the seat with 12 extra inches of leg room.
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    Re: (Sticky) Official: Hackers Against Humanity FAQ

    Originally posted by hackajar View Post
    Q: Can I get access to the cards now?
    A: No, all cards will be available at DEF CON, they will be distributed freely afterwards.
    Where is the Afterwards Freely Distributor located? Post DEFCON ticket to Hell accepted.


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      Re: (Sticky) Official: Hackers Against Humanity FAQ

      Sorry for the delay, we sourced a friend to get the site up but he's been MIA. We're working on things and will post here, twitter, facebook, etc. when it's up.