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Trade Ride For Room Spot (Bed)

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  • Trade Ride For Room Spot (Bed)

    Thinking of driving from west-central New York state to Las Vegas for DEFCON. Need a bed in a room at the Rio. So if you're anywhere en-route I'll pick you up, do all the driving and pay for all the gas (and the hotel cost along the way) in exchange for a bed in a room in the Rio. I don't care who/what you are, who/what you like, etc. I'm just looking for a place to sleep. You can party all night long and have 5 or 6 people sleeping on the floor too I don't care about that either. I'd actually prefer that. I usually only sleep about 4 hours a night anyway and I can sleep through anything so I don't care about that either as long as you don't get me/us thrown out on the sidewalk because of it. You can be a coke fiend, a fed or anything in between as long as you have a bed in a room at the Rio for me, don't try to share it with me the 4 hours I'm sleeping in it and don't get me arrested or thrown out because you're a coke fiend.

    PM me or reply to the thread here if interested.