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warl0ck gam3z.....let the gam3z begin!

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  • warl0ck gam3z.....let the gam3z begin!

    This is a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions from previous challenges

    - Do I need to be attending Defcon to participate in the warl0ck gam3z challenge?
    ANS: No, we have several international players participating from many places outside the U.S. that are clearly not attending Defcon

    - Do I need to be present (onsite) to win a prize?
    ANS: Yes, in order to win in our Daily Drawings, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes, you must be onsite or have made previous arrangements with our onsite staff.

    - Will I need to be connected to the Internet?
    ANS: Yes, you need to be connected to get the heartbeat from the gam3 server as well as retrieve challenge material.

    - What kind of skillz do I need in order to be successful?
    ANS: All skill levels are welcome, don't be afraid to just join in and check it out. We have friendly staff onsite that will assist you by providing pointers to get you going in the right direction should you get stuck. Don't sit frustrated, go ask questions! They WILL NOT provide you the answer, merely a direction to go to get you better positioned for a solution.

    - Why is a question not available to me OR why can't I back out of this question?
    ANS: Questions are released by the lead player of the game, so if the leader of the board has not selected the question yet, it will not be available to anyone else. If you are the leader of the board, you cannot back out of a either answer it, or get passed by another player.

    - What is the Moderator?
    ANS: The Moderator is one of our staff that is online during the competition to answer general questions or address problems. You can drop into a private message session with the Moderator by clicking on the Moderator, your chat window should state "Chatting with the Moderator" along the top. Be careful when posting information to the Moderator as on some mobile platforms the chat window will go back to the "Chatting with Everyone" feature.
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