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A Quirk in Canadian Privacy and Intelligence Law, Mr. Schneier

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  • A Quirk in Canadian Privacy and Intelligence Law, Mr. Schneier

    The Whitenoise Challenge that Black Hat Would Not Take starts in just 9 days.

    It is time to start planning your strategies, breaking out your quantum computers, and sharpening your pencils.

    Canadian law is quirky, Mr. Schneier.

    They say you can sue a ham, or fish, sandwich.
    One of our privacy issues revolves around who can do what. Certainly as a person becomes a public figure they start giving up some privacy right there. One can learn that in a dog house or at DEFCON or at Harvard or MIT or wherever.

    Quirky Canucks:

    Say Mr. Schneier and I were having a phone conversation. It would be illegal for a third party to listen in and record that conversation.

    Take the same situation of Mr. Schneier and I having a phone conversation. In Canadian law, if one of the parties on that phone call was aware that it was being recorded then it would be legal.

    How those conversations and CDs might have made it into safe deposit boxes on two continents is the stuff of smoke and mirrors but that kind of magic happens all the time in Vegas and in security. A real Houdini act…

    It is kind of nice that our CEO is one of the very best barristers in North America.


    Add the Third Fish (oh, there is at least a third, fourth and a fifth) and it is starting to look like a school of fish which might bring us back to Harvard or MIT or wherever.

    In this continuing story we now introduce a break claim by Hong Jung Wu. I remember doing searches for this little fry back then and I remember he came up on speaking panels, classes, panels and conferences with some of the bigger fish. Again, we leave it to DEFCONians to search and look and read to see what other connections they might come up with that put all our fish in the same net – it could be quite a catch. As usual, DIVA will give you a little help and a pointer.

    The first place to start for background information on the third fish is the first $100,000 Whitenoise Security Challenge:

    Mr. Schneier, you will actually have to begin your work using the original files, which still are unbroken, because it would just be unethical to give you a head start on the current Challenge. Those contest files will be made available in just nine days.

    If you then go to the bottom of that page you will find a paper called The History of Whitenoise Can’t be Broken,

    which has another name as well called The 24 Hour Cycle of Truth.

    Now, that is interesting reading in its own right, but people see what they want to see and don’t tend to read very closely. So, DIVA recommends that you read ALL the names listed in the email addresses of the correspondence. We find all our fish. That might be a good place to start hiding an elephant as well. We find crypto experts from North America, academics, persons from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, chief Scientists and CTOs of companies like Lockheed Martin etc. You get the drift. See if you can find people you recognize. Oh, and we do find our school of fish there as well.

    Well, that has to do it for today DEFCONians. I actually have work to do today.

    Tomorrow, I will post the Harvard/MIT reading list and we will start taking our first look at the IACR, ePrint, and the Communications Security Establishment.

    Since the third fish has been pointed to today, it seems like a good time to start another contest within a contest called:

    Who are Wu? Wu – Wu, Wu – Wu

    Again, DEFCONians get to vote who gets this trophy. Unfortunately he is disqualified from the Li’l Miss Chrissie Hyndes Award but he would have been a good candidate.

    The Wu Trophy will be award to the person DEFCONians consider the person most likely to have worked for Singapore Intelligence.

    DIVA – the fat lady hasn’t finished singing yet!