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They call me Fellow Yellow - quite rightly!

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  • They call me Fellow Yellow - quite rightly!

    They call me Fellow Yellow – quite rightly

    The Whitenoise Challenge That Black Hat Would Not Take starts in just 7 days.

    Steven M. Bellovin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Steven M. Bellovin is a researcher on computer networking and security. ... having previously been a Fellow at AT&T Labs Research in Florham Park, ..

    There’s lots we all must do – study the algorithm. Study behavior. Ask the right and pertinent questions. Make teams. Get your quantum computers and super computer arrays.

    A fourth fish, a Fellow Yellow, swam to the U C Berkeley on his way to give a presentation on Man-in-the-Middle attacks at the IBM Auditorium at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Presumably he went to meet with others in a pod. Also to study the results of the Wagner security analysis????

    Paul Thiel, the former Director of the Group for Applied Information Technology GAIT, and I sat together as the speaker introduced himself and then in some fit of compulsion blurted out something to the effect, “I have just been to the University of California, Berkeley, and I have seen the future of security on the Internet.” Talking about goose bumps!

    After, Paul and I went in the greeting line for notables, and when I introduced myself, the presenter went pale, started sputtering, couldn’t get a word out, and was whisked away. He was on his way to the University of Victoria to give yet another presentation and study results of the performance analysis on Whitenoise????

    That performance analysis and security analysis should help you consider how best to attack Whitenoise in The Challenge That Black Hat Would Not Take.

    Not a word otherwise. You can find Mr. Thiel’s resume at:

    This tangent is not about this man’s expertise – he is excellent. It is about process, disclosure and the like. At minimum, Fellow Yellows should not remain silent when they see poor scientific behavior. He subsequently has returned to a Canadian Jewel, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, that has been turned into a living lab and smart grid. WNL is a sponsor – ironic:

    At the end of the day, the challenge will actually lead us to the most critical question of our times: How do we balance security and privacy? How will that answer impact democracies?

    In coming up with that answer, we know that there are many things that clash – scientific integrity, who we should listen to, policy, business, law enforcement, participation etc. These all are important in finding a balanced answer to the question.

    Well, Harvard I believe has a wonderful School of Business. Tomorrow, we might take a look at a security company and the business impact of sea change technologies. The business case study might be reflective of the chops brought to national discourse by an iconic figure. In might also start painting a sensible way of moving into and embracing the future.

    The following day, as we count down to contest launch date we will take a look at teaming ideas.