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the system gets fishy too

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  • the system gets fishy too

    The Whitenoise Challenge That Black Hat Wouldn’t Take is three days away.

    More Fishy Things

    Just as we have seen how the use of press can be manipulated, many of our most important systems are manipulated by corporations and market forces instead of driven by great science and fair discourse. Policies are victimized by unintended consequences.

    The Common Criteria Scheme had its own unintended consequences. The costs for certifications went sky high. Many of the labs that do these certifications are actually competitors. They get paid beyond handsomely to “legitimize” up and coming competitors and the opportunity to bleed them when they are young. Our CEO is familiar with CC as he helped institute the regime for the US Government.

    Standards, around which we all should be developing, have its own dynamic as well. It is very demanding, highly bureaucratic and technical work to do properly and the majority of the time it is performed by ‘volunteers’ with ‘day jobs’.

    For example: the entire budget for the ISO-IEC JTC SC27 is $5,000 per year. The secretary is an answering machine. Is that proper budgeting from a government for something so important? The expert that has done extensive SCC writing about Whitenoise should participate in the Challenge That Black Hat Would Not Take.

    Needless to say since expertise is needed, these volunteers fall into a couple of groups.

    One group is good entrepreneurs with valuable insights and technology that use the standards regime as a bit of a leg up and mechanism for visibility. Their motives are pretty obvious.

    The other ‘group-of-volunteers’ tend to come from VERY big companies that have fairly easy-to-read agendas.

    It tends to revolve around the same kind of contradiction as the following:

    Why are the biggest proponents of open source the very companies that have all their patents locked up and are fighting massive legal wars with one another?

    The contest is fast approaching……….