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Colorado Hacker Conference PHUTURE, May 3rd 2014 :: make contact please!

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  • Colorado Hacker Conference PHUTURE, May 3rd 2014 :: make contact please!


    Organizing a small one day conference for Denver Colorado on May 3rd, 2014 called PHUTURE. Probably 100+ folks?
    This is inspired by what I lived at DEFCON in the past and also small ones such as Phreaknic, Interzone, Rootfest etc. Also inspired by 2600 magazine, which inspired me to publish the Iron Feather Journal since 1987. New issue in the works. A few years ago my wife and I hosted the Denver Zine Fest and we were shocked to have 500 show up and cram in. Though we lost money each year on each Zine Fests it was so worth it. I am inspired to create this gathering and see what will happen!

    I am reaching out to all 303, Colorado and those interested from afar to please make contact. I have been outa the scene and lost many of the contacts of the past and have not hung out with locals recently so if you see this please drop me a line and let us network. I am not plugged into the 303 crew and appreciate you dropping me a line :) I am inviting all the Colorado hackerspaces to be involved on all levels. The Pirate Party from NM are joining us. Some old friends that I met at DEFCON 3 and onwards are keen.

    I have been flyering and posting about online and getting some excitement building and people responding to speak or help etc but still know that Phuture is unknown pretty much.

    While Phuture is dedicated to hacking, it will also support "computer sub-cultures" such as circuit bending, memes, online cultures, cyberpunk lifestyles, etc etc it is really open.

    If you can't make it, can you help spread the word? Also, we are working on a USB mem stick to give out with a linux distro, perhaps kali or backtrack, and want to pack it with other tools such as DJ tools, image editors, text files, art work, MP3s, etc etc. If you would like to contribute ideas and goodies for the project let me know.

    Send me your links to include in the resources section. Can you support or sponsor?

    FAQ: 1. Yes ganga is legal here, you can walk into a shop and buy. 2. Ski? Maybe just Arapahoe Basin will be open.

    MP3 :
    email: or at
    chat on QQ:
    IronFeather Bookshop:
    Located at the traffic circle in Nederland Colorado.
    By appointment only usually :)


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    Re: Colorado Hacker Conference PHUTURE, May 3rd 2014 :: make contact please!

    reboot: the Maker Faire happened same date so we readjusted ahead to OCT 11 2014.

    first year, tiny event. drop mail!

    will post a new thread for new announcement.

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