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DC408 - San Jose / Silicon Valley / SF Bay Area

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  • DC408 - San Jose / Silicon Valley / SF Bay Area

    After DC21, we decided that Silicon Valley needed a more active DefCon Group. The local groups are not all that active, or further away (the bay area is a big place), and really, we just wanted another reason to drink during the week.

    Here are the details:
    • We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month (to compliment SiliSec, the monthly drinkup that occurs on the first Thursday of every month.)
    • We meet at 7:30PM
    • We meet at San Pedro Square Market
    • We usually have 30+ people in attendance.

    San Pedro Square Market offers a large garage style area with lots of seating, lots of different foods, and plenty of drinks. They also play hockey on the wall with a projector when a Sharks game is going that evening.

    Unlike SiliSec or BaySec, we are not just a drink up, we are trying to find a happy medium between drinkup, socializing, and learning & teaching. We've had people discuss things such as bypassing Internet Explorer's XSS filter, to PGP keys and why you should use them. We also intend on expanding to more formal forum or training events.

    Any questions can be asked here, or directed at our fearless leader, The Infamous Kevin.

    TheInfamousKevin AT dc408 DOT com