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New This Year: Achievement Medals!

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  • New This Year: Achievement Medals!

    Want to study for and take the ham radio exams this year at DEF CON, but can't justify the 30 minutes away from the rest of the con for *only* the ability to bounce signals off the moon, the ability to use 15,000 times the normal WiFi power levels, and something both shorter and more interesting to call yourself on the radio than "Breaker Breaker Sundance and the Kid?" (Yes, I've actually heard that....) You're in luck!

    This year, if you take your ham radio exam at DEF CON and achieve a new license class---whether that's Technician, General, or Extra---you'll get an achievement medal to clip to your badge announcing your new level of awesome. These /AT, /AG, and /AE tokens will not only call our your new level of deep knowledge of RF, but also serve as that final, difficult-to-get piece of bling to round out your DEF CON experience (or perhaps complete a particularly-difficult scavenger hunt challenge!). In addition, of course, you'll still get your CSCE (the document that says "yep, I passed,") and the FCC will send you your new license in the mail in a couple of weeks.

    So then: what are you waiting for? Go to to start studying now, and we'll see you at the con!

    P.S. If you're a General or Extra-class ham already, contact me--- k3qb -at- arrl -dot- net---about how you can join the ham radio exam team. We're still looking for volunteers, and you get an awesome badge as well; check out the badges from B-Sides Chicago, last weekend:


    ---Brendan O'Connor, K3QB

    Practice Safe RF: Get Tested!