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Tamper-Evident Contest 2014

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  • Tamper-Evident Contest 2014

    Hello everyone, I’m still working out the details for this year but it’s starting to come together! Everyone really loved the Origami theme last year and it’s going to be tough to top it.

    Just the facts for now:
    1. We’ll be at ten teams max
    2. No MacGyver ☹
    3. Independent panel judging will continue with a point system from -1 for not trying to 5 for totally fooling the judges.
    4. If you’re interested in being a Judge PM me please.
    5. Meeting with people about art and boxes next week.
    6. 12 to 16 seals
    7. 24 hours (noon Friday to noon Saturday with judging between 13:00 – 17:00 TBD
    8. More fun!
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    Re: Tamper-Evident Contest 2014

    Just a quick update, the artist is constructing the final model designs this week. I'm hard at work on the puzzles and seal planning, it's starting to come together. Without giving too much away we considered going crazy with the materials this year. Because, you know; why not! Instead cooler heads prevailed and we're going with an acid free mica infused (remember that) paper from Italy called StarDream. Here's a link with some hints on the chemistry. It has a weight somewhere between copy paper and card stock and should make for an interesting escalation for everyone.

    With that, I should have a full writeup with the initial model this week and open up registration.