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BCCC DEFCON 22 Offical Rules

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  • BCCC DEFCON 22 Offical Rules

    General Parameters

    Teams will be tasked with cooling a beverage to the target temperature of 46 Fahrenheit in the quickest and most creative way possible.
    Competing teams shall consist of up to three badge-wearing DefCon attendees.
    Teams shall pre-register for this competition in a signup thread to be announced in the "Unofficial Contests" area of the DefCon forums.
    All contest beverages will be provided at or above ambient room temperature. Cause that shit is undrinkable after sitting in the sun that long.
    Cooling contraptions won't be judged on cooling speed alone but also cooling accuracy.
    Any beverage that passes through a team's contraption will become the property of that team and may be distributed to bystanders, but the contest organizers shall have no control nor responsibility of such distribution and consumption by third parties.

    Specific Requirements

    All contraptions will be tasked with cooling the beverage by nearly any means necessary.
    No direct contact with coolant fluids, water or water based ice. Our beverages must be pure.
    The contest will provide the beverage. You cannot provide your own beverage during the contest.
    No commercial appliances.
    All contraptions must be constructed and designed by the team.
    Power will be available but is by no means required.
    The goal is to have the fastest time to cool a 12oz beverage and have them transferred into cups at the target temperature.
    Due to potential foam issues multiple cups will be allowed per beverage poured.
    There will be 3 separate runs for time/Temperature
    The temperature will be measured in each cup as it is being transferred.
    The target temperature is 46 degrees Farenheit.
    Time will be added for each degree off of the target temperature.
    Time will be subtracted for each 12oz beverage cooled and transferred into cups
    The contest will be at 12:00pm on Friday.


    Total Time for the 3 timed beverage: time in seconds
    Off target scoring: +1 seconds added for each degree off target (no penalty if on target)
    per 12oz beverage conatiner cooled: -.5 seconds (You can cool as many beverage as you can, not just the 3 timed beverage.)
    note: the total number beverages we will have is not unlimited. We will eventually run out of them.
    +2 seconds added for flavor tainting and ie: a metallic taste or other off-notes to their beverage
    +1 seconds added for each incident of spillover - Try not to waste our precious beverages.

    Fastest total time WINS!


    Prizes will be given for:
    BCCC Winner (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes)
    Team Style prize (Use costumes/uniforms/dress up that contraption with some style)
    Design prize
    Paid for by the Our Thing Foundation

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    Re: BCCC DEFCON 22 Offical Rules

    Originally posted by Nz0 View Post
    Teams will be tasked with cooling a beverage to the target temperature of 46 Fahrenheit
    46 degrees? I'll have to recalibrate my instruments.