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Tamper Evident Contest Rules and Package Info

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  • Tamper Evident Contest Rules and Package Info

    Hello everyone, we've given this some thought and will not show anyone the contest object till the day of the contest to keep a level playing field for all parties. I promise you wont be disappointed and it's a wonderful progression of last years contest.

    The rules and scoring of a TE contest are going to be straight forward.

    1. All seals must be defeated (you have to at least try)
    2. No, you cannot bypass the seal (you must actually remove the seal from the object and reapply it)
    3. Teams must document there defeats with photographs/video and present them at time of judging either on the device or with a usb thumb drive (to be provided by us)
    4. All teams have from noon Friday till noon Saturday to complete the contest
    5. Beyond that, there are no rules. Do it!

    1. Point system based off if the defeat attempt was not observed at a short distance (one point), closer inspection (two points) or if only after removing the seal could tampering be identified (three points). Further points may be awarded at the judges discussion or if defeats are performed in the TEV.
    2. All judging will be performed by an independent panel of no fewer than three judges.
    3. All judging will be public in the Tamper Evident Village likely on Sunday as a time TBD at CON.

    Thanks everyone, please sign up and we'll see you in two months!