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PinballCon? Anyone interested?

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  • PinballCon? Anyone interested?

    I'm getting in to town Tuesday. Was hoping to figure out a way to get access to blackhat but that's not looking too likely at this point.


    Curious if anyone was interested in doing a "PinballCon" at the LV Pinball Hall of Fame museum. For those who don't know, the Pinball Hall of Fame is basically a big open building where they have scads of pinball machines ranging the entire history of pinball, all of which are playable. It's run by a non-profit whose mission is to really keep the machines running. The facility itself is no-frills (why do you need frills to play pinball?) but they have snack and soda machines onsite and I think a cool vintage automatic popcorn machine as well.

    You can bring a relatively small amount of cash and spend hours here (depending on how good you are at pinball, I suppose!) I went a while back and had a great time, should have really spent more time there.

    It's not walkable from the Rio, but only about 10 minutes away via car. I'll have a rental that can likely carry 4 people if you're willing to cuddle in the back seat. Also there is a bus option but it's about an hour's trip. So count on carpools and taxi for this one.

    Not particularly married to any day, but I think it would be fun to do Wednesday for those who will be arriving then, perhaps in the evening. Thursday really is day 1 of the con now so I'd rather focus on sticking around the hotel then.

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    Re: PinballCon? Anyone interested?

    Depending when it is, I would be up for it. I hit the Pinball museum every trip to Vegas I make.

    Tues/Wed also have bsideslv going on, so wed may be less optimal unless its evening.. Theres usually not a ton going on Thursday morning after the huge line to get badges.


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      Re: PinballCon? Anyone interested?

      Not yes, but hell yes! I think I'm getting in Tuesday as well, so sometime that evening would be perfect. Might miss a few folks though that early in the week.

      After that, the schedule fills up pretty fast. I'd playing the BSides pool party Wednesday, so that evening is out, *may* volunteer for the con during the day though too, if not wednesday day opens up. The other possibility would be Thursday afternoon, Defcon Shoot in the AM, Evil Dead the Musical at 10p.

      But don't plan on *my* schedule ;)

      All the times I've been to Vegas and never made it to the PBHoF... *boot to the head*