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  • LASxpress Experiences?

    Did anyone use the LASxpress shuttle service to get to/from the Rio last year? Good/bad experiences? Just what you'd expect from a random shuttle service?

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    Re: LASxpress Experiences?

    I have never used that specific company, but I did use one years ago (I think maybe bell trans?) and it was fine. However it was not nearly as fast as a cab. If you have time to burn, it's a good way to save a few dollars, but keep in mind you'll be with people in other hotels and murphy's law and the fact that the rio is off strip most likely dictates you'll be last off the shuttle and first to be picked up.

    I am silly and rent cars in Vegas, but a cab can be a good choice as well (provided you tell the driver not to longhual you, google vegas longhauling to learn more) and I have seen on multiple occasions some of the black car/limo services offering close-to-taxi pricing for service to a hotel (presumably when there is light booking), although I don't think you can book those deals ahead of time.