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Need Musicians/Artists/DJs? Post here

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  • Need Musicians/Artists/DJs? Post here

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    If you are looking for a Musician/Artist/DJ to perform at your party or event search for them here.
    If you are a Musician/Artist/DJ you can post here too...

    Try to be so specific as possible. Dates, times, style and so on.
    What do you bring and what do you need?

    //Sigtrap, aka, VJ Q.Alba

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    Re: Need Musicians/Artists/DJs? Post here

    Hi All,

    I will be available Thursday and Saturday night to do some spinning if anybody is looking for a DJ. I do mostly electro/progressive house.

    I will have some equipment with me in Vegas, so I would just need speakers and a table.

    Here is my set from the pool party last year:

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      Re: Need Musicians/Artists/DJs? Post here


      Also pimping myself for DJ duties. PsyTrance/Electro/Industrial...

      Trance sets to sample here:



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        Re: Need Musicians/Artists/DJs? Post here

        Little late, but if you are in need of an DJ I'm available Thursday and Saturday for one to two hours of sets.
        I'm an official DJ at Defcon and will play at main stage Friday night.
        The music I play is Electro House that usually have some vocals in them and a touch of c64 in the mix.
        You can reach me on email
        vj.q.alba at
        As I am from Sweden I will not be 100% connected to internet in Vegas but I will check email regularly.
        I bring laptop, controller and need table space and speakers. If it is possible I love to show videos and effects with VGA or HDMI projector or TV.
        //Sigtrap aka VJ Q.Alba