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DefconBots has prizes!

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  • DefconBots has prizes!

    I've been hustling to get prizes for DefconBots winners and so far we have some great stuff donated from some awesome, and very generous, companies:

    Sparkfun has donated 15% off coupon codes for all DefconBots competitors. Email for your coupon code!

    Barobo has donated a Linkbot-L robot with a camera mount.

    This is a very cool arduino-compatible and wirelessly-programmable modular robot platform. You could use one of these to make a defconbots competitor for next year!

    Pololu has donated TWO Zumo robot kits. They've also donated coupon codes, but they vary by product. Email if you'd like to get a discount on your order from

    These are robust little robot kits that would make a great sumo robot or just a fun platform to build something on.

    Wicked Lasers has donated a Nano Laser (75mW - purple)

    Wicked lasers make...wicked lasers. These lasers are also nearly indestructible and incredibly powerful.

    SolidWorks has donated some solidworks swag, including some notebooks, flash drives, and bags to carry your defcon goodies in.

    And more to come!

    If you know of, or work for, a great company that would be willing to donate prizes to our contest please email me:!

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    Re: DefconBots has prizes!

    CircuitHub is now a defconbots sponsor! They have donated some swag and a $250 gift card to defconbots!

    And still more prizes/sponsors to come!


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      Re: DefconBots has prizes!

      Parallax is now a defconbots sponsor! They have donated an ELEV-8 programmable quadrotor!!

      We're starting to wonder how to distribute all of these prizes :D

      And there are still MORE prizes coming!


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        Re: DefconBots has prizes!

        Sphero is now a defconbots sponsor and what they're giving us is so cool we're not even going to tell you about it until the contest starts

        And we have AT LEAST one more sponsor with more prizes to announce. Stay tuned.


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          Re: DefconBots has prizes!

          FingerTech Robotics is now a defconbots sponsor! They're giving us an awesome Cobra mini sumo kit as a prize: