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    Hello Hackers...would you like to play a game? How about a game of "Tactical Ground Warfare"?

    Join us out in the desert anytime Aug. 6th (10a - Dusk) or 7th (10a - 12p) before DefCon starts and test your skills running around a course in the desert shooting a real gun at targets, and at the end a 1 Shot Sniper shot with a bolt action 7.62 NATO. If your good enough you may win a FREE badge to DC22 and other prizes.

    Every day you test yourself with how good you are with Computer Security threats, but what about testing yourself against Physical Security threats? Do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Hacker against both Cyber and Physical Security threats?

    Questions? Please PM me on DefCon's Forum: TheSiscoCoon


    Write your question in the Q&A section on this forum.

    Lovell Group Campsite on Lovell Canyon Road
    This Contest is located at the same place where the *UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Shoot is located at. DC Shoot's web-site is:

    Please Keep checking back to this tread as I will keep updating it.

    There will be 2 official classes of Firearms (Long Guns & Hand Guns) for this contest, the 3rd is an unofficial class (22LR Cal. Guns). The course will be in 2 Parts, the 1st part will be running the course with either your Hand Gun or Long Gun shooting targets at different shooing boxes (just like last year). The 2nd Part will be the 1 shot Sniper Shot with my Mossberg MVP Flex Bolt Action 7.62 NATO, the distance to the Steel Target will be determined on site when I setup the course. The 2nd part (Sniper Shot) will NOT be easy because the competitor with the best time for that part WILL WIN a FREE DC22 badge!

    Same as last year for equipment (since it work out well) you will need a holster for your hand gun or a sling for your long gun. You WILL be required to do AT LEAST 1 magazine change NO MATTER how many rounds your mag will hold. Last year there where a total of 10 Targets with 2 rounds at each for a total of 20 rounds required to complete the course. This year I may add 5 more targets which will bring the total rounds to 30 rounds, please bring enough magazines for your gun.

    2nd Part (1 Shot Sniper Shot) will NOT be discussed much in detail due to the prize awarded. You may ask me any questions you want but I may or may not answer them.

    I will be putting up a link on here sometime with pictures of the Rental Gun and the Sniper Rifle for those of you that are interested in seeing them before the contest.

    Changes for this year are as follow:

    You will NOT need to print up and bring targets with you (that didn't work out last year anyways). You will NOT need to print up and fill out your registration/score card, I will have them onsite for you to fill out. You WILL be required to sign the waiver for the contest, this can be done by printing one up at home or getting a form onsite and signing it there. I will add the link to that form on here later.

    Renting one of MY GUNS:

    I will offer my Rock Island Armory 1911 to shoot. For the first 30 competitors I will allow them to shoot it for FREE with the 22LR conversion slide on the frame. And if I can get enough of the same brand ammo in 45ACP I will offer for the first 30 competitors to shoot the 1911 in 45ACP for the cost of the ammo which is about $8.00US (33 rounds total). If you bring with you your own FACTORY ammo in 45ACP/45Auto you may use my 1911 for FREE! If you decide to use my gun I will provide you with the holster, extra magazines, and extra magazine holder (you will need a belt to support the weight however and I only have a right hand holster). I should have an "extended lever ambi safety" installed on it before the contest but don't hold me to that.