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  • Coindroids

    It's the year 2014, one year after the robotic uprising. The androids have since learned quite a bit from their once squishy overlords and now conduct war purely with money, specifically the blunt ample currency that is DEFCOIN. Androids, as it turn out, haven't really mastered the art of friendship but have developed quite a fondness for battle.

    Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard by attacking rival robots, upgrading your shiny metal ass and finding items to help scattered throughout the conference.

    New to cryptocurrencies? No DEFCOIN to play with? Not a problem! Just come visit our booth in the contest area and we can help get you started.

    For more information, follow @coindroids on twitter. If you have any questions, you can also contact me directly at josh at coindroids dot com

    FAQ (actually, questions that have yet to be asked but somebody may)

    What is coindroids?
    The most simplistic explanation is that this is a game where you shoot money at each other.

    Can I try it?
    We will likely need some help with beta testing as we get closer to the day but if that does happen we will post about it as well. More importantly, you can definitely play at DEFCON 22 this year.

    What the hell is DEFCOIN?
    DEFCOIN is a cryptocurrency created for DEFCON. I have written WAY more about it over here:

    You can also check out the defcoin website over here:

    What can I do to prepare for the game?
    The best thing you can do is make sure you have at least one DEFCOIN wallet setup. There is one for each OS (found at the link above) and even an android wallet. I can't vouch for the safety of any of this software but from what I have seen, it seems legit and I do use it (so at least we can be pissed off together if something happens).

    Once you have a wallet, you will need some defcoin too. You can start mining now, or you can wait for DC and try to find people giving it out. I have heard from a couple large miners that "anybody who wants some defcoin will have no issue finding it".

    I am running a contest/event/charity/hoedown and want to accept DEFCOIN, can you help?
    Ya sure, let's talk. josh at coindroids dot com
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    Re: Coindroids

    Here is a link to the android Defcoin wallet:
    Source can be reviewed here: