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  • DefconBots Updates and Schedule

    First, I want to let everyone know we currently have 12(!!!) registered competitors. If everyone shows up I think this will be the most competitors defconbots has ever had.

    For all the competitors here are a few reminders:
    -There is no fee to enter DefconBots but there is a fee to get into Defcon. Defcon only takes cash at the door. Plan accordingly.
    -"Can we get in free just to compete in Defconbots?" No.
    - If you're shipping your robot to the hotel be careful with when and how it arrives. The hotel will make you pay to retrieve it. See:

    Thursday(7-Aug) 9am-5pm....| Practice and Track/Target Tweaks
    Friday(8-Aug) 9am-5pm........| Qualifications
    Saturday(9-Aug) 9am-1pm....| Finals Practice
    Saturday(9-Aug) 1pm...........| Finals
    Sunday(10-Aug) 3pm............| Contest Award Ceremony

    You should try to come Thursday to get some practice time in. Everyone will need to qualify on Friday and it will be first-come, first-served. You can qualify as many times as you like, but if there are competitors that have yet to qualify they will be given priority.

    The top four(4) qualifiers will need to come to the finals on Saturday. Saturday morning finalists may practice up until 1pm. At 1pm, we'll run the finals and determine the winner. If there are ties we'll make mods to the track to make it more difficult and run tie-breakers/sudden-death rounds. After the finals (~3pm Saturday) we'll be giving out secondary prizes, so all competitors should show up Saturday if you want to be considered for stuff.

    The winner should plan on coming to the Contest Award Ceremony Sunday at 3pm. If possible, I'd also like the 2nd/3rd place winners to also come so we can give out awesome prizes in front of the big Defcon crowd.

    We still haven't decided how to distribute all the prizes we have but we'll decide soon and announce it on this board. We have about $3000 worth of stuff to give away so it won't just be the top three that get stuff. Possible secondary awards may include:

    -Robot most likely to cause 2018 headline, "SkyNet origins linked to 2014 DefconBots contest."
    -Team that made the crappiest cat toy.
    -Robot most similar to movie/video-game robot (WALL-E, TF2 Sentry, terminator, etc.)

    Reply to this thread with any schedule or general event questions.
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    Re: DefconBots Updates and Schedule


    We're going to be right in the middle of the contest room. If you're looking for DefconBots Organizers we'll be wearing red DefconBots T-Shirts:


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      Re: DefconBots Updates and Schedule


      Loot will drop immediately after the finals on Saturday(9-Aug) at approximately 2-3pm. EVERYONE will get something, so show up, support your fellow competitors and collect awesome free stuff.

      Here's how we'll distribute all the prizes:

      Every team that shows up with a robot will get a free (Complements of Sphero) DefconBots T-shirt(~priceless value):

      You must show up to the finals Saturday to get a shirt and each team will be guaranteed at least one.

      TOP 8

      The top eight teams as determined by your qualifying score at 5pm on Friday (8-Aug) will be awarded a Sphero(~$130 value).

      TOP 4

      The finals on Saturday will determine the winning and 2nd-3rd-4th-place teams. After the finals each team will get to choose, first-place-first-choice, one of the following four prizes (in addition to the Sphero you already received):
      1. $250 CircuitHub Credit
      2. Parallax ELEV-8 Programmable Quadrotor (~$500 value)
      3. Barobo LinkBot-L Modular Robot (~$190 value)
      4. WickedLasers Nano Purple Laser Pointer (~$100 value)


      Additional prizes will be awarded to three teams for the following categories (one per team, chosen by the judges):
      • Most Creative Hardware, Software or Strategy: Pololu Zumo (Arduino) Kit (~$100 value)
      • Most Improved Team: Pololu Zumo Kit (~$100 value)
      • Best Fit-and-Finish: FingerTech Cobra Mini Sumo Kit (~$110 value)

      We also have five nice Solidworks backpack-notebook-flash drive combos that will be awarded to teams based on novel categories (one per team). We will not announce these categories before the contest but I'm sure some team will have the "Most Elaborate Cat Toy" or the "Most Functional Hackjob".


      Didn't win one of the other prizes? We have fancy T-Shirts (courtesy of FingerTech Robotics and CircuitHub) to give away. You may leave empty handed but will not leave shirtless.