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    Since I don't see anything by Deviant yet, he announced after the Thrs shoot that he'd like to transition responsibility to someone else over the next two years. Next year that person would be backup/in training, with the following year deviant being backup. If you're interested I assume you should contact deviant.

    Queercon stepped up again this year with some neat badges, I'm told they were $7 each. The trick to getting it done at such a low cost is sponsorships I think. Besides just being cool, badges should also help drive awareness of the event during con (although it would be after the shoot took place for DC23). Wearing any kind of non-standard badge at the conference attracts attention. I'd love to see a defcon shoot non-paper badge next year.

    I think this is probably one of the easier things that may be possible. I'm sure a few people have industry contacts, and if they were willing to provide a few hundred/thousand dollars we could make the shoot cheaper or provide more services (or both). Or maybe sponsors could provide more prizes to hacker wargames if they wanted to provide swag/equipment instead of cash.


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    Re: Next year thoughts

    Originally posted by seeess View Post
    Since I don't see anything by Deviant yet, he announced after the Thrs shoot that he'd like to transition responsibility to someone else over the next two years.
    I'm interested, but I'd love to know what I'm getting myself into before committing.

    Originally posted by seeess View Post
    I'd love to see a defcon shoot non-paper badge next year.
    Yes! I love this idea, but since we've been pinning the paper ones on the back of people's shirts so we can see it while they're shooting, it might not be completely straight-forward. Perhaps paper and non-paper?


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      Re: Next year thoughts

      i look forward to the discussion about how we can keep the DC Shoot alive even as schedules shift and change. Right now, i can basically not participate in BSides and some of Black Hat because of my Shoot commitments on Wednesday. I also cannot do a lot of Thursday DEFCON things because of the Shoot's second day.

      Supervising everything from the set up to the tear down and spending 30+ hours out in the desert is something I do because I love it, but at the moment I am a single point of failure for the whole event. If i am asked to appear at BSides or if DEFCON pushes back even further in the week or even if i so much as blow a tire or have car trouble then it could cause the whole event to fall apart.

      I'd like to have an additional one or two people with me on the planning in future years, CC'd on all emails and kept in the loop with suppliers and rental agency, etc. I also want to check our contract with the rental shop in order to see how close to the event we can cancel. If the weather turns or the city does something to that desert space the week before DEFCON, we'll need a way to refund our rental and refund everyone on PayPal who has reserved a lane, etc.

      Firmwarez, seeess, L0gic, and TheSiscoCoon are all great individuals with deep ties to the DEFCON Shoot and they have spoken about their desire to help see it always continue. Any of them or all of them would be great to bring into the fold. After having them with me for one or two Shoots during the planning, I am confident that I could get hit by a meteor and the event would still happen.

      We can use this thread for other discussion and then eventually transition to email, etc. I have lots of notes from this year, and from previous years, also. Plenty of good ideas and suggestions and things to tweak and have on-hand.
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        Re: Next year thoughts

        I can help but only on thrs, and I get in late wednesday so I'm probably not the best primary person.

        And just throwing out a badge idea:
        Make the badge a shot counter that increments a 7 segment display when the mic reaches a threshold. We could even do two different displays at different thresholds to try and have it show your shots fired, vs everyone's shots fired.

        That seems simple enough to pull off without getting crazy with RF communication between badges.

        Next debate is how many digits? I'm thinking at least 6 (if counting everyone's shots fired)