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Black Bag to return to DEF CON 23

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  • Black Bag to return to DEF CON 23

    From above URL, Black Bag to return to DEF CON 23

    Forum created!

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    Sweet, looking forward to it.


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      I can't wait! I love lockpicking, but I've never been to defcon before - should we bring our own lockpicks? I'm assuming so...


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        I do not run this event. Nothing I post about it is authoritative.

        Bringing picks is a good idea, as the cost at CON for picks is usually much higher than what you can get online with delivery.
        If the place you are travelling from, or through has laws that make you possessing them illegal (terms of parole, country with restrictions on possession, space where a law enforcement officer can choose to describe them as, "tools used for burglary," or f there is risk while in the states, you might be trespassing while in possession of these, or any other similar risk, you may want to reconsider bringing them.

        In the last discussion on them, (I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice) no US states had any laws against law-abiding citizens carrying lock picks, but at least one state (New Jersey) has a law with really subjective requirements, which could be stretched by an officer that does not like you, to arrest you for having picks. (Some officers can be jerks.) Many US states have laws that can cause possession of lockpicks while committing another crime (trespassing, burglary, stealing a car) to move it from a misdemeanor to a felony.

        Lock picks without "reason to carry them" can be probable cause for an office to search you if they think you "fit the description" of a burglar. If you are carrying other illegal items, displaying picks in public could raise suspicion, and make you a target of investigation. Many states only require a small fee and background check to become a licensed locksmith. Having such a paper with you can help "explain" your reason for hacking picks, and reduce your risk of being consider for search. Obviously, it is no guarantee, but can be a good insurance policy if some LEO decides they want to use you as an example, or truly suspect you of a crime. Having a license can also help you when dealing with some locksmith supply shops that will refuse to sell parts to non-locksmiths.

        Other options:
        * FedEx, UPS, USPS: see if any carrier has any restrictions of snail-mailing picks. If you find any that do not disallow it, and local / remote government have no laws, you could use these to delivery your picks to the hotel you will stay. Make sure you have a reservation before you mail these, and include name on reservation and date of arrival on package so the front desk can hold the item for you. It would not hurt to inform the hotel of a package being sent, so you can get special instructions from them. Cost may be high -- might be cheaper to buy a set at con if you are looking at shipping a set.
        * Flying? Put them in a checked bag. Carry-on runs risk of them being confiscated, forcing you to buy another set when you arrive, and lose the one you were bringing in -- double penalty.
        * Don't try to hide the picks on your person is flying -- that looks really suspicious, and might increase risk of detention for, "questioning," just long enough for you to miss your flight. (Some officers can be jerks.)
        * Buy at Con
        * Find another place in Las Vegas to buy them.
        * Buy online, bill at home, have picks delivered to hotel with your name and date of arrival, and any other info the hotel front desk suggests you leave on the package.