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voting thread: combine Tamper and Lockpick Village

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  • voting thread: combine Tamper and Lockpick Village

    quick vote thread here... the topic of "what if DEF CON were to combine some of the Villages in some manner" has come up in another thread. i'll stress that this conversation, like the one elsewhere, has NO OFFICIAL STATUS and that the DEF CON organizers have way more logistical considerations to handle than we are aware of in any sense.

    however, we are just soliciting input from some people here who participate, etc. what do you think of the idea of a "combined" village space for Lockpick and Tamper, something like this...

    ... if the allocation of rooms demands any combining of Villages, would you support a plan like that? Use the thread to discuss what would work, what would suck, etc etc etc.
    I think this is a good idea and would work well
    I think we should keep them separate, for reasons I'm detailing below
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    We run the Tamper Village. We also pick locks. We might have some bromances going on with LPV staff.

    We support this merge!



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      Wait... DG, YOU pick locks? :P Sorry, just had to...


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        Disclaimer - 2015 will be my first Defcon so there are likely variables in play here that I'm unaware of but, on the surface (are there sufficient similarities between lock picking and tamper resistance hacking), it seems to be a win / win combining the two.
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