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  • Proper Full Auto Handling

    So i just posted a video on YouTube from this past DEF CON Shoot and with what's been in the news lately in Arizona, it seems a little relevant as a discussion point.

    ...let's of course keep this thread clear of hefty political chatter, but if you have thoughts and opinions about the safest way to introduce new shooters to full-auto (or just generally interesting or new or "complicated" firearms) feel free to discuss below.
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    Re: Proper Full Auto Handling

    Not that this covers everything but here's what I usually do

    If they dont know AR's I show them the selector
    safe, (click) semi (click), full (click), semi (click), safe (click)
    <check for nod>

    "Try a few on semi first, get a hang of the recoil"

    "lean in, no lean in more"

    "When you flip it to full auto plan on pulling and releasing the trigger quickly, by the time you want to release the trigger it may be too late" (one key part newbies don't understand, especially necessary with a high cyclic rate guns)

    This doesn't address cook offs or stuck firing pins which would dump the whole mag even if they release the trigger, the only thing you can do there is put 3 rounds in a mag. Admittedly I almost never do this.
    Perhaps a better option would to load a snap cap 5-7 rounds deep in the mag, if they are able to stop a burst before getting there, then you could clear it for them and have them keep going.


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      Re: Proper Full Auto Handling

      The case with the little girl in Arizona was a symphony of bad planning and execution. In her case, she's simply too small to be handling a weapon like an Uzi. At the training range out here, they do a kiddie camp while the parents are out getting trained, and they let the kids shoot Uzis with a few changes. One is that they only load 4 rounds into the mag, and that the instructor always keeps a hand on top of the weapon to maintain control.

      In the girl's case, she wasn't prepared for what happens when a weapon is fired on full auto (muzzle climb), plus she was firing with both arms extended and no shoulder stock- she didn't have the arm strength to maintain control of the weapon once it started to get away from her.

      An fullsized AR or AK platform is going to be a bit more forgiving, but I would definitely go with the idea of having them fire on semi for a couple of shots, then move on to firing bursts- it teaches the shooter about the recoil and noise, but it also focuses them on trigger control. Maybe even giving the shooter a couple of mags loaded short just in case they lose control, they're hopefully out of ammo before the muzzle moves to an unsafe direction. Once they seem that they can control the weapon, I would be more comfortable handing them a full mag and having them fire on rock and roll.


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        For N00bs shooting "full auto", just limit the mag load out..... Put 10 maybe 15 in there and let them shoot it.....NEVER fill a N00bs mag full knowing they intend to shoot full auto.