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    Hello all! Are you a ham radio operator? Are you coming to DEF CON 23? Then you should come join the WORLD'S MOST EPIC HAM RADIO EXAM TEAM EVER!!!!!one!!!

    So: at DC22, we (a team of 25 people, including Goons, Artists, Speakers, and a whole bunch of Awesome, pictured at ) gave 265 ham radio exams to 205 people in three hours. This was among the LARGEST EXAM SESSIONS OF ALL TIME. (ARRL/VEC cannot find any evidence of a larger single-day session, after my repeatedly asking, so we're declaring this the biggest anyone knows of.)
    Unfortunately, we had to cut some people off after just one exam (sad...) and some people didn't get in at all (even sadder!). This year, we're recruiting for the VE Horde---one of the largest Volunteer Examiner teams ever assembled, with one mission: everyone who wants to take an exam at DC23 gets to take an exam at DC23. We're going to do our best.

    So: you should join. Your friends should join. Your parents, if they're ham radio operators and coming to DC23, should join. It's a party. We have posters! (Look at the first picture link.) We have badges, like ! (Badges may be different this year, but they'll be awesome.) It's the best way to spend your Sunday (and let's face it, you were probably just going to spend it being hungover anyway) at DEF CON.


    * What license class do I need?
    ** You need to be General or higher. Yes, we *really do need Generals,* and yes, we really do use them.
    * Do I need to be a registered Volunteer Examiner?
    ** Yes, with ARRL/VEC---but if you're not, email me and I'll walk you through how to do it. (Takes about 15 minutes.)
    * Is it a Black Badge Contest?
    ** No, because 1) it's an Event, not a Contest, and 2) you're signing up to work on staff. (If you get your license at the exam session, you will still not get a black badge, though you will get something; last year, people got awesome medallions. )
    * Is it as great as you say?
    ** If anything, it is in fact even better than I am describing here.

    So how do you get to join this incredible cadre of Unlimited Nerd Power? You email me: k3qb at arrl dot net. You include your callsign and your license class. Let me know if you're an accredited Volunteer Examiner with ARRL/VEC or not, and I'll 1) confirm it for you, or 2) help you get registered painlessly.

    Finally: it's not updated yet, but we will once again be posting information at, as well as here in this forum about the exam sessions.

    Questions? Concern? Barely containing yourself with joy at the thought of joining this storied band of warriors? Email me! k3qb at arrl dot net! Now!
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    Just a followup: we do need a few more Volunteer Examiners, so if you're wondering if you can still come help out---yes!


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      I can come over for an hour or two after I finish giving the class if you still need VE's. Let me know.
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