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    Interesting article just dredged this up for thought... Research that Microsoft is actively working on that will record your life.

    The implications to this are pretty obvious. I could have thrown this into community discussion for the hell of it, but I thought it would be cool for various opinions on specific means/systems to try and secure something that is )nifty )robust and complete )equally dangerous. Or is it just too big and bad?

    This is my first of several renewed attempts to try and revive some form of technical discussion, so please try to limit straying and stick to constructive posts per board guidelines.
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    A few points I have thought of after reading this article that would be interesting as to who things are done:

    Device Size: Currently it seems pretty large to be the size of anything larger than can be bound to the human body, for example inside the skull, or in some type of transplanted cyber-organ.

    Device Application: Why have the need to port it out to human readable / machine readable format? If it is for the exclusive individual's use, have it built into the body and use the body to transmit the signals required... perhaps allowing backup, perhaps even for a clone in the future... perhaps to save it in some type of state record after the keys have been signed over.

    Device Security: Of course if composed entirely of biochemical treatment there would be high resistance to emp/emf attacks, perhaps even mwave, zwave attacks, tempest attacks, Van Eck attacks, etc... perhaps only nanotechnology would be able to break into the body and sniff and manipulate the data.

    Transparent Encryption: All this data stored should be encrypted on the fly before being stored and biometrically bound to the person who creates it, perhaps allowing key transfer at time of death.

    Device Usage:In an event of a crime where the deceased is the only one that knows the killer, perhaps there is a backup of NSA keys that with of course some type of ruling allow the data to be removed from the deceased and played back to verify the guilty. Prepare for this to be abused.

    Usefulness: As an example of our intelligence community, it is very possible that all this data is being collected for not. Without a fast efficient mind reading search engine this data is nothing more than art. This would require some type of real time synaptic linking engine that could derive information from the brain and estimate what is being sought to recall for the process to trigger a viable search in time to receive a viable answer.