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  • Cold & 'flu cures

    Cold & 'flu cures / remedies, folks. Let's hear 'em. I managed to get past the New Year without incident, and then this nasty bug hit me today like a sack full of doorknobs.

    My personal favourites:

    - Miso Soup
    - Lemsip (either with or without a shot of Jameson's)
    - A really good curry

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    Tortilla Soup
    Nyquil.... LOTS OF IT
    Very very very very very hot tea
    and last, but certainly not least...
    Nasty nasty shit... but it is THE SHIT for cold and cough. It is the only stuff that will get rid of the persistent bronchitis that EVERYONE in ND gets every winter. Gross, but EXTREMELY effective!
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      1. wrap neck and chest in towel, so you sweat it out.
      2. take a shot of 151 or a few shots of nyquil.
      3. sleep.
      note: you can top it off with any type of penicillin to speed up recovery.
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        Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, whatever works for you carry one for every 75 lbs of your body weight. When you try other remedies and they work (and they will), too many people don't think about coming down off their temporary healthy moment. As soon as you feel good, pop the pills and it will keep the bug away another good 6 hours. I do that. Feeling good? Add insurance!


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          Re: Cold & 'flu cures

          Originally posted by skroo
          Cold & 'flu cures / remedies, folks. Let's hear 'em.
          You may be sorry you asked.... blame octalpussy. :)

          Actually, the surest thing I've found by mouth is this formula sold at a local store that I can't duplicate. It works well and tastes quite good. Since that doesn't help, unless ppl want to do mail order, I will get into what you can do at home. Disclaimer: I haven't looked the website over.

          Another good cure is to fluctuate your body temperature to the extreme. A sauna interspersed by a cold shower is very good (if you can keep from passing out). At home you could do 10mins of heat followed by 5 mins of cold. Like a hot shower, then turn it cold for 5 mins.

          After that, it depends a bit on your symptoms. Warming herbs are always good. Things like: cayenne, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, etc. Also elder flower (do not get too much sun after this), and yarrow. Pretty much anything spicy. So going to the nearest Thai restaurant and having an ass-kicking bowl of soup really will help. Of course, you have to keep this up... once ain't gonna do it.

          For congestion, coltsfoot (I've heard smoking it can help too, but I'm not keen on that and haven't tried it), a little lemon can help break it up, and osha helps tremendously in drying you up. Be cautious on the Osha... it can cause nausea or worse if you are already feeling nauseous. A little goes a long way. I typically will break off a very small piece and place it between my cheek and gum and occasionally chew on it a little to get more out of it. It also makes you thirsty, which is also good for you.

          Olive leaf can also help generally, but it is not very balanced, and can lead to slapbacks if you are taking it for an infection or something. I have generally found it to be more powerful than echinacea (and a helluva lot cheaper), but again, it needs a lot of supporting herbs that I am not familiar with. The first time I tried it, it kicked the ass out of my cold. Take this one in pill or extract form, it's not tasty. Real bitter stuff.

          For lungs: I'd have to look up specific ailments, but generally you can do the typical inhaling of steam, esp mixed with some essential oils like camphor, eucalyptus or thyme (an antibiotic), etc. Do not inhale cayenne oil. Note that these are very strong and will bowl you over. Also, elevate your bed at night so you do not feel like you are drowning so much. Not everyone can do this, but I drag my futon mattress up on the arm/head and stuff a blanket under my back. Works very well to keep the liquid at the bottom of my lungs where it belongs until it dries up. And for pete's sake, quit smoking. :)

          I've heard cherry bark is also useful for coughs, but never used it myself, except in the formula I mentioned above.

          Sore throat: Honey (which also has mild antibiotic properties), licorice root, marshmallow root, and slippery elm are demulcents and will soothe your throat. I am particularly fond of licorice root. If I am not doing a spice tea, I like peppermint, licorice root and a little cayenne.

          To make these teas (infusions), bring the water just to boiling, turn the heat off, put the herbs in there, and let it steep for 15+ mins. Strain it or if you have a cloth tea bag, that is best, except for demulcents. It is important not to boil these, as you will destroy some of the properties, like essential oils. And as OP noted in channel the other night, you may not want to drink the bottom sediment. :)

          Where to find it? Much of it can be found in the store, but for the other stuff, go to your nearest "hippie store." Everything I've listed is pretty common, I think. Osha comes in root form... try to by the little twigs instead of the massive root.
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            Originally posted by ch0l0man
            note: you can top it off with any type of penicillin to speed up recovery.
            Penicillin will do nothing for virus. I've heard myrh and another herb can do virus, but never tried.


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              NOTHING will cure a virus. All you can do is muffle the symptoms. And look behind you to make sure your roommate isn't just whacking you over the head with a bag of doorknobs!


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                I wouldn't know. I've never had the flu, and it's been a good 4 years since I had a cold.


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                  For those nail biters out there... this is a fast way of getting any bugs floating around the office... normally when i hear everyone coughing I make the conscious effort not to bite my nails and to wash my hands more often.... this greatly helped in the november sick-havoc that occurred in our department...


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                    nyquill seems to be best for the flu and other colds, but be prepared to sleep for the next 12 hours :p
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                      Take Nyquil during the day and Dayquil at night, then your cold will be the least of your worries. :D


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                        I get a flu shot every year. And if I have a cold...sleep & drink Sunny D.


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                          From Dr. Che..

                          * LOTS of fluids! Don't fuck up and dehydrate! Ice chunks may help as well.

                          * chicken soup or bullion cubes (See above)

                          * Lots of sleep: Give your body time to recover. Don't overdo it.

                          * Multi-vitimans: Your body really needs them now!

                          * Heat: Your body fights the nasties off better at a higher temp, just don't let it get too high.

                          * I usually end up with the stomach flu and puke my guts up. The best thing in the world for that, unfourtunely is illegal in the states. You can toke up and the nausa will usually stop dead in it's tracks (also great for hang-over). Don't over do it, just a bit to take the edge off of the nausa. I am not saying you SHOULD do that, but I do know it helps. We all know you will go to hell if you try weed, not to mention could get in major trouble for trying to make yourself feel better. (Shit.. almost a rant.. good thing I have not had too many beers yet.. )

                          Hope ya get feeling better, I feel your pain. The last time I got hit with the stomach flu, I had nothing for nausa OR toilet paper...
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                            Re: From Dr. Che..

                            Hope ya get feeling better, I feel your pain. The last time I got hit with the stomach flu, I had nothing for nausa OR toilet paper...

                            I had the Norwalk virus over the holidays. NASTY it was. It's been a big deal up here in Canada. Hospitals won't even let patients in if you have it. Just have to let it ride it's course. I'm all better now, but I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy.


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                              Re: From Dr. Che..

                              Originally posted by che
                              * Multi-vitimans: Your body really needs them now!

                              I would not recommend multivitamins on a totally empty stomach. The minerals in it will make you puke.

                              * Heat: Your body fights the nasties off better at a higher temp, just don't let it get too high.

                              I have heard up to 104F is safe, but when I start nearing 103F I always take something, cause I'm shaking so bad I can barely walk into the other room.

                              just a bit to take the edge off of the nausa.

                              Heh, doing that always *made* me nauseous. :)

                              Hope ya get feeling better, I feel your pain. The last time I got hit with the stomach flu, I had nothing for nausa OR toilet paper...
                              Last time I had the flu (~7 years ago), that was when I found out too much Osha will make you puke. Whoops. :p